Monday, June 17, 2013

Target $5 Beauty Box Review - June 2013

Almost two months ago, Target launched their first $5 Beauty Box through Facebook. Some of you may recall the previous free beauty boxes Target sent out that included samples (mainly foil packets) and a cute cosmetic bag. The bags sold out within the first day, so the next logical step was to make an affordable Beauty Box that Target could sell, similar to Ipsy or Birchbox, where the contents of the items are unknown until you receive the box (part of the fun in my opinion). This is no longer available to purchase and is not a monthly subscription box..yet. From what I have heard, this "test" box was so popular, that a subscription service is in the works. I'll keep all my beauty mavens informed with any new details. Follow me on Facebook so you don't miss anything!

Would you subscribe to a Target Beauty Box?
 All the Beauty Goodies
 The Beauty Box came wrapped in a Target sleeve - so cute! 
 Fekkai Glossing Cream, deluxe size, value $9 
            Sally Hansen Salon Effects - value $9
            I'm excited to try the nail polish strips and the style is perfect for a fun night out. 
L'Oreal Magic BB Cream I actually purchased a full size of this and will keep this for travel.
      La Roche Posay Dual Acne Treatment Love this brand, although it is on the pricey side.
While I am not a fan a foil packets (i.e. single use applications) since you can get these for free at stores like CVS and inside your magazines, I do understand rounding out the box with these. 

 Gillette Venus and Olay Razor - value $9  
This razor is suppose to gently exfoliate and help replenish skin's moisture.
 A description of the products and a coupon to save $3 off a $15 beauty purchase.

I received over $30 worth of products and paid only $5 (including free shipping), not a bad investment in my beauty notebook.

Thanks for reading!

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