Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ready, Set, Shop ZARA's Sale!!

Zara's summer sale is finally here! A great time to pick up some quality tops, handbags (seriously, the handbags are so good) and shoes at more affordable prices. If you can hold off for a couple more weeks, prices drop even lower.  Since I can barely hold my eyes open after getting up at 6am this morning, I'm going to bid you all goodnight (or good morning...depending on when you are reading this!) Remember to check out the home decor which is also kicking off their own sale.

Will you be shopping the sale?

Peplum $12.99 ($19.90) // 2 Bonjour Bag $9.90 ($29.99) // 3 Printed Shorts $12.90 ($15.99) //
Bucket Bag $25.99 ($35.99) // 5 Dress $25.99 ($39.90) // 6 Sandals $19.99 ($39.90) // 
Layered Sweater $25.99 ($35.90) // 8 Shopper  $19.90 ($35.99) // 

Flared Skirt $39.99
So Parisian chic if you are looking for a bit of a splurge on a skirt.

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Thanks for reading!!


  1. Great picks! That bucket bag is fantastic!

  2. I am the same I keep putting things in and out of the basket, it becomes sort of verging on OCD!! Love and want all of the above.......Now, will I sleep tonight??!! xx

  3. Some of the deals they have going right now are amazzzzzing! Of course, you have some great picks here! :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  4. Good picks, very useful ,. this year is beginning now