Thursday, July 31, 2014

H&M: under $25 picks with Free Shipping on all orders!

I'll be taking advantage of H&M's free shipping offer since it rarely happens and...wait, do I really need a reason to shop? So many new arrivals at the store combined with clearance deals make this a dangerous combo for my credit card.  Here are some of the items I may be ordering.

Happy Shopping!

Dress $24.95 // 2 Scarf  $12.95 // 3 Fluffy Cardigan $20 ($39.95) // 4 Flats $17.95 //
Dressy Shorts $12 ($29.95) // 6 Tote $24.95 // 7 Necklace $17.95

Free Shipping with code 1991 thru 8/21

This striped dress is the other new arrival pattern in addition to the leopard print.
Dress $24.95
I love this retro chic style and I have seen a more expensive version of this a few times.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. I'd say free shipping is a good excuse. I always like to have an excuse, even if it's not a real one!

    I LOVE the print of that shift dress. It's a great transition piece (aka - another excuse to buy it). Those shorts are perfect too. I tried on a similar pair today and they looked brutal, so now I'm on the hunt.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  2. i love that mustard dress!! getting it!! my 6 month no shopping challenge ends in 30 minutes and my debit card is burning a hole in my pocket!!

  3. Ooo free shipping until the 21st! That's legit.


  4. I just took advantage of the free shipping code the other day, and I will probably be doing it again before 8/21 comes! I was so excited when I got that email.

  5. I Tracy, do we ever need an excuse to shop, but I have to say there are some fabulous pieces here...especially love that stripe dress! xx