Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Currently Craving: Macarons under $25

There's probably nothing surprising about someone who adores all things French to also be craving these adorable dessert confections. Known for their variety of colors, French macarons make everything cuter! LeSportsac just launched their newest collection of bags with the cookie front and center, and who doesn't want to wear their dessert?

Are you craving some macarons?

 2 Kitchen Timer $9.95 //3 Kitchen Towel $9.95 // 4 Macaron Box $10 or 2/$16 // 
Espresso Mug $5.95 // Bowl $6.95 // 6 PJ Set $12.90

The LeSportsac partnered with Seventeen Magazine for this collection.
See the entire collection here

This smells amazing and a must-have for dessert lovers!

 The latest Sur la table Paris Collection is everything!
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Merci for reading!!


  1. Love macaroons Tracy, I just love the china, and that oh so cute backpack too! xx