Monday, October 24, 2016

Target Home Clearance 50% off: See 25+ Store Pics!

Happy Monday Target shoppers! My stores just marked down a ton of new home clearance items, I'm sharing items you might be able to find on your next shopping trip. Everything shown is from the  three most recent collections that only launched a few weeks ago with an aisle full of marble pieces. Not every piece in each collection was on clearance, which usually means they haven't finishing marking everything down yet, always make sure to scan something for lower prices, you never know!

Happy Hunting!

Marble Clock $10 ($20)

Green Marble + Copper Side Table $34.98 ($69.99)

 Faux Plant in Marble Container $7.48 ($14.99)

 Tic Tac Toe Set $17.48 ($34.99

Faux Plant $7.48 ($14.99)

Marble Tray $17.48 ($34.99)

 Vases: Large $9.98 ($19.99)  // Small $8.48 ($16.99

 Wall Decor $10 ($20)

 Candle Holders: Large $9.98 ($19.99) // Small $8.48 ($16.95

  Stool $34.98 ($69.99) 

 Wooden Mirror $24.98 ($49.99)

 Faux Plant $9.98 ($19.99

  Faux Fur Stool $34.98 ($69.99) 

 Antler Wall Decor $14.98 ($29.99)

Fox Wall Decor $9.98 ($19.99)

 Wood Mirror with Metal Trim $24.98 ($49.99)

Decorative Vases: Left $12.48 ($24.99) // Right $9.98 ($19.99)

Candle Holders (I think that's what they were...) $4.98 ($9.99)

 Print $12.48 ($24.99

 Decorative Bowl $9.98 ($19.99) // Jar $9.98 ($19.99

 Brass Tray $14.98 ($29.99)

 Lanterns: Small $12.48 ($24.99) // Large $14.98 ($29.99

 Accent Rugs $4.98 ($9.99)
Ugh, I meant to grab one of these, starting taking pics and forget about it :-p

 My store just put these on the shelf last week!!

 Both Vase Fillers were $4.98 ($9.99)

 Large Wooden Bowl with Brass Handles $14.98 ($29.99)

 Assorted Dipping Bowls $1.98 ($3.99)

Mugs 30% - 50% off

 There are 4 mugs in this collection and only this one shown above was $2.48, 
the others were still ringing up at only 30% off for $3.48. so strange.

 Spotted the Wit & Delight collab Phone Cases/Charger/Mirror set 75% off for $7.47 ($24.99)


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