Wednesday, November 2, 2016

T.J.Maxx FREE Shipping Today: Under $15 Faves!

I take a weekly look at T.J. Maxx online, and I'm amazed at the inventory that has been recently  added in the past week. My favorite titems to order right now are the fashion & home books, the prices are much better than even Amazon and most of them are new releases. Now is the time to think about your holiday gifts for your girlfriends, the gift exchange at work or a nice teacher "thank you" present. The entire website is full of great deals, but keep in mind you can't search for specific brands, but you can type in "books" for example and (almost) all of them pop up.

Have you shopped online at T.J. Maxx before?

Shop the post below:
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Love Style Life Book $14.99 
If you love Parisian style, don't miss Garance's amazing style and sketches.

Cupcakes & Cashmere at Home Book $9.99 
Blogger Emily shares her style, this book is an adorable smaller size, great for sticking stuffers too or display a pretty candle on.

Vogue Coloring Book $9.99
Seriously, if you've been wanting a trading coloring book, this Vogue one is beautiful!

Parfum Coin Bank $14.99 
This is just like the ZGallerie version that sells out every Christmas!

Ps. I already own all three of the books ;-)

So many good books available for under $20!

Shop Books HERE

SHOP T.J. Maxx Online HERE

The Beauty Dept. was recently added online HERE

This Kipling bag is a steal for only $19.99 HERE
They have several of this brands for different styles and prices but are already selling out!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. I've never shopped their website before. That Vogue coloring book is adorable!

    1. You should! Although it takes time to check everything out, that's why I usually just go thru the new arrivals, they get quite a few MK and Marc Jacobs jewelry, but it obviously sells out fast!


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