Friday, January 6, 2017

NEW Target $1 Spot Arrivals: 25+ Photos!

Yay for finally seeing new dollar spot goodies at Target! While not everything was out yet, boxes were still being opened at my store, I did want to share at least one of the collections with you since it's so darn cute! Succulents have been trending for at least a year now and this proves that they also deserve to be on stationary to show off their cactus cuteness. Valentine's Day decor is one of my favorite "holidays" to shop and those were the items being slowly put in the bins haha. I'll go back to Target soon to snap pics of that collection, can't wait to share more new arrivals!

Are you loving the succulent collection too or are you waiting for the Valentine arrivals?

Loving this adorable collection!

The cutest canvas sign for only $1

 Pen/Pencil sets for $1

These pencils are always the cutest! Sorry I couldn't get a better pic of the quotes.

 How cute are these erasers?!!

 Sticky Notes // Puffy Sticker Set $1 each

 Another inspirational sign for only $1 - Love the tassel detail too!

 The $1 cards are always hard to resist!

 Dry Erase Board $3

 Assorted Stamp Sets $3
These are so fun, different inspirational sayings to choose from, 
especially if you like using a planner or to jazz up your everyday "to do" list!

Chunky Notepads $3

List Pads $3

 File Folders $1

 Plastic Tumblers $3

Scented Candles $3

 Diffusers $3 

 Boxes $5
You can see they are already beat up looking and the girl just removed those from the box, I'm sure they get bumped around inside the box since it's not real wood, I would pass on these.

These wire baskets were being re-stcoked at my location, 
I love these for organizing all sorts of items.

I was impressed with these calendars, both are only $3

 This wedding planner was really cute and a steal for $5!

 Love these ceramic containers, similar to ones Target sells in the kitchen dept. for $8 and up!

 Small but pretty organizational collection is nice to see.

I'll be sharing Target's Valentine's Day "Dollar" Spot items up next!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. we have a lot of valentine's day stuff at my local store. i picked up a few before the new year. very cute things this year!

  2. So cute! The problem with my Targets is that if you're not there the day they put stuff out, you miss the good stuff! Thanks for teasing me with what I'm missing LOL