Monday, December 4, 2017

TJ Maxx FREE Shipping on ALL Orders!!! $10 Rose Book and More!

Hip-hip-hooray! TJ Maxx is offering FREE Shipping on ALL orders today with no min! This is a perfect time to take advantage of ordering a gift or affrodable items without having to search for it in one of their stores. I know I'll be placing my order after I finish this post ;-)

Happy Shopping!

 SHOP items below:
click on any item to purchase

2018 Planner $7.99

Marble Board $14.99

Faux Fur Jacket On Clearance for $22!

Rosé All Day Book On Clearance for $10!
Target sells this book full price ($24!) and $17 on Amazon.
Gift Idea: Add an inexpensive rosé wine and voilà!

More Favorite Finds:

 Coffee PJ Set $19.99
Also includes an eye mask!
Perfect for the coffee addict ;-)

 I have this exact same rug I purchased from Homegoods, adds a pop of glam to a small space,
plus a nice clean (i.e. not dirty and stepped on in store lol) is hard to find!

Oliver Print $19.99
This is the cutest print for a closet or office

This sells for $16 at Sephora
I love that you can save even a little money shopping beauty deals at TJ Maxx
Check out more beauty bargains, inlcuding Nars products HERE

Shop All Things TJ Maxx HERE

Thanks for reading!!

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  2. Ahhhh I missed it! Next time...

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