Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Masion Martin Margiela Collection for HM }

H and M's Newest Collection features French Fashion House Masion Martin Margiela. A very avante-garde (in other words, not for everyone) re-edition of clothing and accessories from various past seasons showcasing oversized clothing.

This is one of the strangest collections I have seen from a popular retailer like H&M and the items are only in selected stores. My favorite was the Down Jacket that looked exactly like my duvet cover on my bed selling for a whopping $349!! I enjoyed seeing the interesting displays and clothing, just not my fashion style.

What do you think of the collection - did you get a chance to see it for yourself?

Store Window Display
I really loved the way this collection was merchandised
 like a boutique within the store.

The "official" label to identify the
 original issue date of the item.

No, those are not Duvets, they are
$350 down jackets, would you ever?

Very pretty colors and very high displays
 that almost went to the ceiling.
An interesting T-shirt, I'm pretty
sure there is a face looking at me.


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