Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Discount Store 'mini-haul'

I found a few things at Marshalls and TJ Maxx while looking for that adorable dessert stand The Fashion Palate scored (check it out here http://www.thefashionpalate.com/2012/12/marshalls-sweetest-score-and-some.html). Here's what I put in my shopping cart ♥

 1. Buffalo polka dot denim shirt $29. I actually loved this shirt at Macy's when I first eyed it two months ago, so I was super happy to see it on the rack for way less than $89

2. Anne Klein knee-high socks in cute prints $6.99 for 3pk, perfect for peeking out of my boots. I know, I know, more polka dots..I'm a bit obsessed.

3. Biermann Marzipan Candy $4.99 Whoa, these are at Dylan's Candy Bar for $18, these were definately coming home with me.

4. Aquiesse Soy Candle $14.99 ($45 at Bloomingdales)
I cannot say enough about these candles, lightly scented in beautiful glass jars.

1 comment:

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