Thursday, December 20, 2012

Glossy Box - December "Glamour, Glitz, and Gloss"

I was super excited when I spotted my first Glossy Box in the mail! I had read about subscription boxes and wanted to try one for myself. I purchased the December "Glamour, Glitz, and Gloss" Box on Black Friday for $12.60 (each box is regularly $21/month) and includes 5 deluxe sized samples. I doubt this box is enough to get me to sign up again, especially at regular price, but it was fun one-time only purchase. 
Sign up at and use code BLUSH to receive a free glossybox blush thru Dec 31, 2012.
What do you think of these "mystery" boxes that let you try new products while adding a fun surprise to your day? 
The anticipation.
My first Christmas gift! Always a big fan of presentation, this does not disappoint.

The reveal.
 Full Size Mark. Lipstick "lipclick" (value $12) in M. Powerment Petal with a cool magnetic cap.
Full Size Zoya Silver Glitter Nail Polish in 'Electra' (value $8)
Heartland Frangrance Co. White Tea Epsom Salts, Made in USA and a nice way to relax.

"Pleats Pretty" by Issey Miyake perfume sample (the scent is really strong!), Denise Richards (yes, the actress) Volume Extend Hairspray, Wella Velvet Amplifier single use packet.

 The earrings are a "surprise" gift from jewel mint. I don't have pierced ears, but even if I did, these are really heavy, I think I would remove the bottom half and just wear the birds.
Ps. The bottom blue "jewel" arrived damaged, i.e. fell right out of that gold cone..not a good sign.


  1. I hate it when they send earrings, I also do not have my ears pierced. Post a pic when you try the nail polish on! It looks so pretty.:)

    1. I love the polish, I was going to take a pic of just my pinky that I tried it on for now, it's really cool. I think you, me and my friend all the only girls I know that don't have pierced ears!

  2. I received the exact same earrings, also had the same problem with one of the blue beads falling out. Also the earring "hooks" are corroded or something. I wouldn't put them in my ears. I can't imagine anyone actually paying 29.99 for those, even if they weren't broken.

    1. I totally agree with you Jessica - seriously $30 for those?!! Even if I could wear them, I wouldn't either, they do not seem "safe". I read a lot of complaints of broken jewelry, how could they have been put in the box like that and nobody noticed, or I guess the jewelry was so cheap it could have become broken during shipping. Are you continuing your monthly sub? I just signed up for Ipsy and that is only $10/mo. and it seems like you get quite a few full size products :)