Friday, January 11, 2013

Cravebox - Resolutions

This is my first Cravebox and I am impressed with the value of the "Resolutions" box that cost only $15. Cravebox has several monthly themed boxes priced between $10-$15 including shipping. You enter an "open drawing" of the box you want, and then if you are chosen (clever gimmick, I wonder if anyone is actually rejected), your credit card on file is charged and voila! a box is on it's way, no subscription is ever required. These mystery boxes are totally addictive and the excitement when your box arrives is such a rush..order at your own risk!
What do you think of my Cravebox or other mystery boxes - share your favorites and recommendations!
Cravebox is here!

First look at my box as I open it

New Year's Resolutions Box - with a "chip clip" included

Snack attack!
CocoaVia.(try a sample pack for $2.95 here ) in 4 flavors. They are suppose to improve your circulation and overall health// Perfectly Simple Toasted Coconut Bar by Zone// SunRype Fruit Bars- 4 (valued at $1 ea.)
Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea to help support metabolism//7up and A&W New "Ten" - 10 calories a can. I am not a big soda person, especially diet sodas, so this will be a one time thing, if I drink them.

*On a side note, I have read some cans exploded and ruined people's entire contents, I think they should have just included a free coupon to use in store rather than ship explosive sodas, but that's just me :)

..and now for the Beauty portion!
Mary Kay Timewise Repair Eye Cream (full size-value $40) I have read some great things about this product line and I cannot believe it is full size, very excited to use this!

Pantene Silky Whip Styling Hair Mousse (deluxe size - value $3), I will try this out and if I like it, save the rest for travel.

 Free Coupons for Smart Ones Entree (value $3.99) and Wholly Guacamole (value $6.50)
This is a great way to try market products that can't be shipped and I love me some guacamole.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Well I've never been really interested by boxes but yours looks actually cool ;-) I might try one !!

    1. They are really fun, I say try it at least once :) My very first time getting a subscription box was w/ Glossybox, then this one, and I have Ipsy on the way next, which I hear really good things about and it's only $10 for deluxe samples of beauty/skin products. Hope you enjoy whatever you choose to order!

  2. great box & items !!! Maybe we follow each other!? Let me know :) Greetings