Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Notebook - Target Handbags + more

 Every weekend I seem to find more and more things to love about Target. So many handbags to choose from and the quality just keeps getting better (yes, the prices have gone up, but there is always a sale around the corner) Most items are so new they aren't yet available online.

Anything catch your eye?
  Fresh New Spring Wristlets for $14.99 (shop polka dot wallet here) and Phone Holders for $12.99 in graphic prints and pastel colors, I want them all!

 This Merona Satchel is featured this month's Lucky Magazine and it sure to sell out since it resembles a Coach bag with a $39.99 price tag. It isn't as heavy/weighty as a Coach, but the quality is certainly there, in person the color is more of an orange-red, than the pure red it shows in the magazine pic.

Also loving the Merona Striped Wristlet hanging above for $16.99

 Merona Satchel in a Gorgeous Colbalt Blue

 Merona Patterned Shirts $22.99
Polka Dot Print resembles a J.Crew version// Yellow Bird Print is also cute
Merona Crossbody Bag $26.99 in candy colors ( Shop YellowPinkGreenBlue,)
I did a double take when I saw these Kate Spade inspired cuties, also seen in Lucky Magazine
Don't let my photo bombing boyfriend (who fit perfectly b/t the handles, lol.) distract you from this
Merona Handbag. I'm thinking the tassel makes this extra special for $32.99

 Vintage Mickey & Minnie Valentine's Candy has never looked so sweet

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for sharing! That polka dot wallet will be mine! lol.


    1. I don't know if you need a new bag after your (Mom's) amazing handbag score..Lol..Those wristlets are sooo cute, I can't stand it, I wasn't kidding when I say I want them all :)

  2. Replies
    1. You should see it in person Fashion Dept, the color is really striking!

  3. Looks like I will be visiting Target soon :)


    1. I want to see what you pick up Miranda - anything you grab will look high end I'm sure!

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