Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shopping Notebook - Target New Arrivals + Trends!!

I was excited to finally some new arrivals at Target this week! The fabulous selection of dresses (something for everyone!) is enough to make a shopping trip to the store this week, since many are on sale for only $15. The shoe department keeps getting better and better and there are so many styles that are "borrowed" from the high end designers that the thirty dollar price tag doesn't seem as bad.

What's your favorite?

These are my 3 far.

 {camo trend} 

{cute flats}
Reminded me of Old Navy 

{year of the fox}

{fringe bags}
I have been seeing fringe bags everywhere - this one is canvas material with the pvc accents.

{mossimo satchels}

 {studded jeans}
 I like the subtle detail on just the pockets, then you can cover them
when you want to or when the trend goes away.

 {$15 Dresses}
Very Anthropologie inspired and with a layer slip attached, very cute.

This is a cute, but busy print, see if you can spot the birds? This one reminds me of Christmas because of the darker color and maybe the birds.

 {feminine girly blouses}

{wolves are also a popular trend for fall} 

 {studded sweatshirt}

{cool dress}
I cannot say enough about this dress! The pattern and style look like one of the designer collabs.
It also comes in three solid colors.

{sex and the city}
There is just something about this skirt that says "Carrie"

 {chic snakeskin clutches}
A gold strap is also included.
Love the brown to transition into fall.
I live in Los Angeles, so wedges are year round. 

  {crochet wedges}
Very Free People brand

 {chunky wedges}
Love the color combo, but these are super chunky, cool on the right person.
{studded shoes}
Studded everything for a rocker vibe 
Steve Madden inspired.
{western boots}
Not a bad price some authentic looking boots, if that's your style.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. That black and white dress is pretty amazing!!


  2. I agree - I love that black and white dress. Love this post!

    1. Thanks Christy - I think the dress is the favorite and for only $20 it's a steal!!