Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Notebook: New Arrivals at Nordstrom Rack + TJMaxx

Yes, I was at it again! I shopped a lot this weekend scouring the stores for new arrivals and checking out some early Black Friday deals. Here are some of pictures from Nordstrom Rack and TJMaxx I managed to snap despite all the shoppers surrounding me. I listed prices whenever possible, although it was difficult to remember every single one!

Anything you'll be hunting down at your local store?
Nordstrom Rack:  
Affirmation Necklaces $14.97
These are just adorable little dainty necklace with inspiring messages - one of the best gifts!

Betsey Johnson Coin Purses $18.97 
Steve Madden Crossbody Bags $39.97
This bag is like a cross between a Marc Jacobs and a Rebecca Minkoff - a very cool bag!

 Rebecca Minkoff Skinny Mac $64.97 (orig $125)
There was a HUGE shipment of RM bags, I have never seen this many at one time!

 Kate Spade Wallets $74.97 

 Lots of Dooney & Burke bags too.

 Nars 'Some like it Hot' Set $35 (this was exclusive to Nordstrom stores)
Available in both the 3 lip set and one that included the 'multiple'
Cargo 'Los Cabos Resort Collection' $18.97
 This Stila 'Dancing with the Stars' was sold at Ulta stores.
The silver beauty bags were $10 (just for the bag) and the sets were $18.87

 Bliss Products
Nordstrom Rack always has some amazing Bliss products ad you don't have to wait for a sale.
Soapy Suds wash $9.97 

Philosophy Holiday Sets

 PJ Salvage Sets $29.97
These are one of Nordstrom's best selling pjs and are a steal for $30 (orig $65) in fun prints.
 Assorted Kate Spade Stationary Items
Mini Journal $10 // Large post-it set $6 // 12pk of assorted postcards $6 // holiday tags $6
 Fringe Tray $9.97 (reg $18) - I love this to store keys or keep on your bedside table for misc. items.
This brand is sold at Bloomingdales, I also see a few items at Homegoods every so  often.

TJ maxx:
Steve Madden Mini Bags $30
  Steve Madden Crossbody Bags $20

Calvin Klein Handbag Keychain + assorted $12.99
Too cute!! 
 Kate Spade Pouches and Makeup Bag $30 / $35 for the 'Twist & Twirl'
I believe these are sold at the KS outlet stores

 Emma Fox Wristlet $29.99 (orig $68)
This is one of the most affordable items I've seen from this brand.
 More Steve Madden Bags small $30 / Large $50 
 London Fog $49.99
I've been seeing a lot of this brand recently and $50 is pretty good for this solid and structured bag. 
 Jessica Simpson Tote $59.99
This color was so pretty and a nice size 
 Postcard Sets $12.99 (reg $24) Also available in Jane Austin and a few more.
I actually own the Vanity Fair set and purchased the Vogue cards this time. They are a perfect gift for someone or frame them yourself to add some vintage flair (which is what I plan to do).
 Aquiesse Candles $15 - $24
These are one of my favorite candles and the new gold packaging makes a
nice presentation for a hostess gift or anyone you think may enjoy it! 
OPI 'Merry Fashionista' Set includes the nail polish and the bracelet $7.99
I think I remember these from last season at Ulta.

Stay tuned for all the Black Friday Sales this week!!
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  1. Nice handbag selections! I always love the fox logo. Also I took the same photo of the opi polish! I'm posting that on my Marshall's trip post. ;) Can't wait for your BF list, check out mine too!


    1. So many handbags at Nordstrom Rack - so hard not to buy anything! Can't wait to see your Marshalls I can go back and shop some more, lol. :) On my way to finally checking out your sale list!

  2. Wow all eye candy.....thanks for sharing the experience!!!


  3. WOW!!! I can't believe all of the high end bags at these stores. I never find anything like that....but that's probably a good thing, because I don't know that I can resist!

    xoxo Jackie

  4. What a WONDERFUL post:) your blog is such a great inspiration source

    Check out my new post...a Divine Swedish chocolate recipy:)

    Have a fab weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion