Sunday, May 4, 2014

Target New Shoe Arrivals 20% Off

I'm always a bit embarrassed how often I am actually at Target.  Although it does has it's advantages since most of shopping trips can be short stops to look at the new arrivals and this week has brought so many cute new shoes and today they are even on sale! Perfect timing to pick up a few summer sandals that looks designer chic!
I'm having problems adding links to the shoes, you can ask me for direct link on my Faceboook page if you are unable to locate the shoe

All of these pictures were taken on Saturday before the big sale today, so all shoes are 20% off!

These sporty chic sandals are a steal on sale
Shop Sorcha Sandal $15.99
 This style is everywhere this season and are available in brown and black

 Mid-heel pumps are always appreciated 
  I featured these cute sandals in my latest post, they are also available in white and tan
Shop Block Heel Sandal $23.99
 Hey, a sandal was named after me (spelled wrong, LOL)
The latest version of this popular sandal - love the look of these
Love this bright green!
Sam & Libby  
The controversial version of a Birkenstock
While this style isn't for me, I did appreciate the look of this one with the cool stud detail,
available in silver online
Shop the Studded Sandal $23.99
 Cute sandals again with the added stud detail

Make sure to take advantage of the Buy 1, get 1 for 50% off All Handbags + Download the Target mobile app $5 off coupon to save even more, sign up here
By the way, the picture above is unaltered, it is reflecting off of the very neon pink bag!

I'll be back with more New Arrivals from Target this week including Handbags and Clothing!
Thanks for reading!!


  1. Wow, they're KILLING it with the sandals this year! I'm at Target a lot, and on my last trip, my store hadn't gotten the new arrivals. I can see myself picking up a couple of these. The first ones are a must have for me!

    xo Jackie

  2. Yay the Sorsha sandals are $15.99 now! You know where I'll be tomorrow :D


  3. All these are great! I really love the Sam and Libby flat gladiators with the studs. I have a pair from Target last by Sam and Libby that are still in great shape. I might have to partake in these too!

  4. I was in Target the other day drooling over ALL of these.

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  6. Target new sales is simply awesome which is good for me