Tuesday, October 14, 2014

T.J. Maxx Online Holiday Gift Shop

T.J. Maxx Online just added a new gift shop to kick things off for the holiday season. I am so exited to see throw blankets included and many are only twenty dollars. I hope this is a good sign that more home items will be added in the coming months. While I love shopping in stores for my treasures, I also like having the option of finding a few things that might not be available at every location.

Have you shopped at TJ Maxx online yet?

Reversible Tote $19.99 This is the same bag that Nordstrom sold (and receives a few times a year in the junior dept) for $49! This one from TJ Maxx also includes a small pouch and it's a look for less for the popular Madewell Tote that costs $168!

Kensie Sunglasses $16.99 Another brand that you can find at Macy's and selected Nordstrom stores.

Max Studio Faux Fur Throw $19.99 I don't know how I am going to narrow it down to just one throw because the selection is impressive and very tempting...

Made in Italy Hat $16.99 I always scoop up Made in Italy hats from TJ Maxx, the quality is always really good.

Gift Link Here
*Get Free Shipping with purchase of $89 +

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  1. Hey great post! I love TJmaxx and the faux fur throw is definitely a must have for me!

    1. They have the best stuff for the holidays too and I've seen the throw in person, so chic!

  2. I haven't shopped online at T.J. Maxx or any comparable store, but I think it would be fun! I always think it's a lot of fun to sort through the racks and find a bunch of really great gems...so why not online?!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  3. Same here, it's fun to see what they have online too, looking forward to seeing even more holiday gifts!

  4. Wow this is so cool - thanks for sharing Tracy!! BTW, it's not too late to join this $500 GIGI NY giveaway I am co-hosting with other bloggers till 10/20 - check out the blog for more details on how to enter!


  5. So much easier Tracy to shop on line at TK MAX.....UK Version! I get so fed up going through the rails that I just give up, but online its just much easier.......And I want that beautiful fur throw sooo'h much! xx