Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5 Favorites under $20

Since I neglected to showcase my Friday Favorites, here are my current favorites and 
everything is twenty dollars or less! 

Any favorites?

Zara Tee $19.90 OMG...okay, so this reminds me a wee bit of myself, a blonder French version and you all know how obsessed I am with Paris, is it wrong to actually wear this out or will I look le crazy? Jury is still out.

Bracelet Watch $20 Nordstrom sells this watch all year, but this newer rose gold (this isn't as "rose" as the previous one) is even better than before and has the look of an expensive watch without the price tag.

H&M Dress $14.95 I showed this dress on my instagram account last week and everyone loved it, they finally restocked it online, it's not too short either and just right to wear with tights when it gets cold.

Beauty Bag $18 This popular and now somewhat iconic phrase has now made it's way on to a beauty bag and you can show it off as a small clutch with your #OOTD (outfit of the day)

Panama Hat $14.80 F21 continues to dominate the affordable accessories world and they just received new shipment of fall hats (after the last group sold out) and no need to wait for a sale with this price.

New Winter Collection
One of H&M's most affordable and stylish collection yet!
The dress in person - it's more fabulous in person! ;-)

H&M Take 20% off your online order of $50 using code 2739 // 25% off $100 using code 2750 //
30% off $150 using code 2761 thru 10/29

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Love all these deals, especially the dress and the watch! <3

    1. Thanks- I love that the dress could be styled so many ways throughout the year and the watch is nice to not have to worry about wrecking an expensive one when you go out ;-)

  2. That clutch is one of my favorite finds of yours!!!!! LOVE.



  3. You are SO right about F21 dominating the affordable accessories! That hat was my favorite piece from this set and of course, it's from F21. I've also had SO much luck with their handbags lately! So many cute, super affordable options. Their clothes rarely seem to fit me right but I find myself going in store a lot more lately to peek at the accessoriess...and it's so hard to leave empty handed!
    Gina- On the Daily Express

    1. Oh my gosh, I am so with you on their handbags - seriously I have a long wish list (hoping to get some Black Friday deals) and don't get me started on the mini bags! It's hard not to go into F21 and not buy at least one accessory :)

  4. Love that bag!!

    Kendra Scott Giveaway on the blog.