Friday, November 21, 2014

Black Friday Survival Guide: 10 Tips for the big day!

Black Friday really is a shopping marathon and I love it! Although I don't love the crowds, so most of my actual purchases are made online. It's the perfect time to save big bucks on gifts and purchases you would already be making during the holiday season. The best part about this year is that almost every deal is also online, which means can avoid the crowds and shop in your pjs without missing fear of missing out on anything.  I'm a seasoned Black Friday shopper (don't judge me) and I'm sharing my ten tips to save you the most money by being prepared for the big day. Let me know if I've missed anything!

What's your shopping strategy for Black Friday?

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1. Preview the store ads online 
This is time consuming, but necessary if you want to want to be prepared. Check out for all of the ads in one spot like or check out these from the store's site Target Ad // Macy's Preview and print any coupons or pages you might need.

2. Scout the stores before the big day
Take photos and write down items you may want in the sizes you need so online ordering will be quick and you won't spend time guessing the size and wasting valuable time. Remember, the hot deals sell out fast online and in-store doorbusters!

3. Make lists 
I am an obsessive list maker and for Black Friday (and throughout the holiday season) it's crucial to be organized. This year, the stores will be rolling out deals early, so I'm creating a master list and writing down every person I need to shop for and the item I want to purchase, including deals I'm hoping to grab for myself too.

4. Organize your coupons and prioritize your wish list
Now Organize your list and break it down by store. Remember to prioritize your wish list in order of the items you really want since you probably won't be able to get every single deal. I have a list next to my computer with the store name and if I have an extra discount to apply or a gift card to use, I make a note of it directly on the list.

5. Always search for online codes before placing your online order
I always do a quick search on Retail Me Not or check my store e-mails for additional savings.

6. Click, Buy (online deals)
This is a tip from my boyfriend and it works. I've missed out on things I wanted to buy online because I either continue to shop for other things I don't need or just take way too long deciding. So if you really want that one particular item, don't spend time overthinking your purchase, especially with easy return policies.

7. Sign up for store e-mails
Sure, you don't want your in-box to be flooded with daily store e-mails, but during the shopping season, it can be helpful and save you money. You can even create a separate e-mail account and unsubscribe once the season is over... or just follow my blog ;-)

8. Dress in layers and Wear Comfy Shoes
While it may be cold when you leave the house at midnight or early morning, it can become very warm once the crowds surround you in the store and you could become easily irritated (or maybe that's just me, LOL) and lose focus. This is also not the day to try out your new shoes straight out of the box or wear your high heels. Grab the pair you know is most comfortable.

9. Use a Crossbody bag or your favorite over-the-shoulder tote
This is the best way to shop, you'll need both hands free to shop and if you choose to bring the larger bag, you can easily fit #10 items inside along with store flyers.

10. Grab coffee, water, and a snack
I never want to take the time to wait to in yet another line for something I could have easily grabbed while I was at home, plus it saves money you could be spending on deals!

*BONUS TIP Don't stress!
This is suppose to be fun, it is shopping after all and it's okay not to score every deal or shop every sale, do what you can!

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  1. I was thinking of black friday sales and my first thought was to head over to your blog! =D lol!! This was such a fun read, whether you intended for it to be or not! "(don't judge me)," followed by the dress in layers number - it's like we're prepping for battle =D I love it. Seriously seasoned/GREAT tips!!! =D =D =D

    1. Oh my gosh, loved your comment and so glad you enjoyed it! I think it is like we are prepping for battle, this is serious business, LOL. Glad you got my humor ;-)

  2. Hi Tracy, I love all your tips, it's such a big event over with you, but the last couple of years the UK are starting to do it too! So I have your strategy now will start my list today, and get shopping......Oooh this is exciting! Helen xx

    1. Yup, it's a pretty big deal (it's embarrassing really), but I hear you are catching up to all the madness, hope you get some amazing deals and enjoy all the fun!!