Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hello November! Favorite Finds under $30

Happy November! I woke up this morning eager to start the holidays and start stocking up on all things Christmas and gold, naturally that also includes a few fall pieces I haven't yet added to my wardrobe, even though I already seem to be leaning toward a winter color palette. Of course that's mainly due to the summer-like weather we've experienced this fall season in Los Angles...until today, when I happily woke up to rain. Here are some of my finds from the last few days - remember to use your 20% discount at Forever 21 this weekend!

What's still on your fall wish list?

1ON Fleece Scarf $6  I really do love Old Navy scarves and now that's it cold (at least for today, LOL), it's definitely on my radar even more! A good piece to throw on to add a bit of style to your look.

Sara Haap 'Confetti Cake' Lip Exfoliator Limited Edition $24 (also available in a gift set $40) This exfoliator is one of the best ever and this one smells like, enough said!

Poncho $22.90 This is the perfect lightweight sweatshirt material-type poncho for those of us living in a warmer climate or if you are lucky enough to wear it layered, it would look amazing.

Patent Oxfords $29.90 I saw these at the store and always fall for patent, I'm just not sure I could pull them off, here's hoping one of you can because they are spectacular!

Fuzzy Cardigan This is a sweater is so pretty in person and I love the fuzzy texture.

Kate Spade Journal $14 If you are looking to chic up your office area, this is the way to do it!

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Thanks for reading!!


  1. Whhhhat? You could totally pull of those cute pink shoes! Do it! ;) Love your color palette today, grey hues and pink are so in right now.

    1. haha, thanks - I will def consider the oxfords now and can't get enough of these colors!

  2. great faves!!1

  3. $6 for that ON scarf!? Honestly, you are so amazing at finding the BEST bargains, Tracy! And I guess we can't get too used to this fall weather! The forecast here is for summer again this week! :/ I love living in a warmer climate but 90 in November is a bit much!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

    1. Thanks Gina - I do like to shop so that always helps in finding the bargains, Lol. I know, this "summer" weather in Nov is brutal - especially not getting to wear our fall wardrobe :(

  4. Once November hits, I'm all about the sparkly things! I love your picks and the fact that everything is so soft and blush. I much prefer these sort of colours over the bright reds and greens you traditionally associate with the holidays.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. Time for sparkle for sure - love the softer winter palette too, while I like the red and green here and there, it's also nice for a bit of change from all the louder colors :)

  5. Tracy love love those patent brogues. ...just know you would look so super cool in them!! Helen xx


    1. Thanks Helen, I just don't know about the shoes for me, but thanks for your vote, Lol ;-)