Thursday, March 12, 2015

Burlington Coat Factory (yes that one!) See 40+ in store pics!

This past weekend, I stopped by Burlington Coat Factory and never expected to stay more than five minutes. I don't think I had been at the store since before the holidays and since then, they re-organized the store and it is 100% better!

The first thing I noticed were the amazing selection of handbags, it is seriously huge. After I spent majority of my time ooh-ing and ahh-ing my way through the that department, I glanced over at the clothing clearance rack and noticed some familiar designer tags. While I occasionally find high-end r items at Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls, seeing a Rachel Zoe dresses for $29 along with Marc Jacobs jeans for $17.98 was almost too much for this girl to handle. Did I mention this all took place on a Saturday? I felt like I had the floor to myself, literally no shopping competition around me. So, needless to say, after scoring what will probably be the best finds ever at those prices, I'll definitely be checking in with Burington on a more regular basis.

Have you shopped Burlington lately - any good finds?

  Michael Kors Belts for only $19.99 

 The beauty department added more brands and deals then before! 
I'll have to go back just to spend more time in this area 

 Physicians Formula Sets $5.99 (compare $15) 

 Physicians Formula Palette Set $6.99 (compare at $15) 

 Orly 18- piece nail polish set $16.99 (compare at $45)

 Ciate Sprinkle Set $6.99 (compare at $15) 

  The beauty department is divided up by colors similar to what Marshalls does

 Adorable Paris Stationary Set $7.99 (compare at $15) 

 Lodis Wallets $29.99 (compare at $60) 

 Make-up Bag $9.99 (compare at $20)
This is a great place to find cute make-up/travel bags for less 

 LeSportSAC Cosmetic Bag $9.99 (compare at $28)
Love finding this brand popping up here, hoping they get some of the current collections in soon!

 Betsey Johnson Lunch Totes $22.99 (compare at $58)
These may be the cutest lunch bags and the stripes remind me of Kate Spade

The a-mazing handbag area, it's so big now!

 Michael Kors Tote $99.99 (compare at $198) // Straw Bag $149 (compare at $298)  

 Fossil Nylon Tote $24.99 (compare at $50)
Another steal at this price  - I'm guess this could make a good diaper bag

Nine West Bow Crossbody Bag $19.99 (compare at $34) 

 Kenneth Cole Crossbody $16.99 (compare at $34)

 Tommy Hilfiger Tote $19.99 (compare at $69)

 Nine West Tote $29.99 (compare at $79) 

 Nine West $24.99 (compare at $89)
I cannot get over how similar the front of this bag looks like a Kate Spade from last year, 
wish I could find the link! 

 Steve Madden Bucket Bag $39.99 (compare at $88)
One of the best things about SM bags are the look for less bags they make - this style is an affordable version of the sold out $500 "it" bag from Mansur-Gavriel
For anyone looking for black or tan version, I've been told they are available at some locations

  The melon color was so vibrant

 Steve Madden Dome Satchel $29.99 (compare at $68)
This bag was also in pale pink and white 

 Kelsi Dagger Suede Bag $59.99 (compare at $188)
This is such a perfect fall bag, I would have scooped this up in a second had I found it in September.
This brand is sold at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters and the quality is very nice.

 Kelsi Dagger Fringe Crossbody $49.99 (compare at $148)
  Emma Fox $69.99 (compare at $188)
 I love that we are continuing to see this brand's beautiful leather bags at these stores!

 Clearance Handbags were fairly organized compared to most store clearance areas

Lodis Wallet $19.98 (retails for $78
Just a few steps away were the exact same wallets for $29.99 in the new arrival section,
always keep your eyes out for good clearance finds - this is one of my favorite wallet brands

 Catherine Malandrino Wallet $19.99 (compare at $59)

 Plenty of Clearance Crossbody Bags 
 Olivia + Joy Bags $12.98 (orig $24.99 / compare at $68)

More Olivia + Joy Bags 

 Steve Madden $12.98 (down from $19.99 / compare at $40)

 Racehl Zoe Dress $29.98 (retails for $350)
There were several sizes left in this dress
  The print is so beautiful and detailed

 Marc Jacobs assortment of jeans - both the "MARC" label and his higher end line

 Seriously, can you believe these jeans were on clearance for only $7.98
The original tag showing $198 retail price 

 Rebecca Taylor Mixed Media Tweed and Leather Jacket $17.98 (retails for a whopping $550!)
My jaw dropped when I spotted this piece, I remember this Nordstrom last year and now it's less than twenty bucks! Unfortunately this wasn't in my size and the right side sleeve (as you can probably see) had a pulled thread loose which may or may not be fixed by a tailor.

Shop Online at Burlington Coat Factory - the website is tricky to navigate and shop since most designer brands are "secret" unless you've seen the item in store, you might not know what you are actually paying for, plus I think it's way more fun to treasure hunt in store anyway!

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Thanks for reading!!


  1. Great finds! I thought Marc by Marc Jacobs was his cheaper line. His collection jeans would have retailed for $500-ish.

    1. Thanks! Yes, the Marc jeans are the cheaper ones, but most of these were his higher end label and more than the $198 price :) The animal print were the "Marc" jeans, confused yet, lol ;-)

  2. What BCF location is this? That's a great handbag selection!!

  3. I came over from Instagram just to look at your BCF finds! I had to laugh at how hit or miss this store is - after I saw your scores, I visited my location. The nicest 'brand name' jeans I found were Gloria Vanderbilt - bahahahaha!!! I need to move to your area!!!

    PS Just subscribed to your blog on bloglovin, can't believe I've been missing out! Love posts like this!