Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hobby Lobby 30+ Store Pics: New Home Arrivals

This past weekend, I went to Hobby Lobby for gold pineapple bookends (even cuter in person!) and was not prepared for all of the chic home items throughout the store. I know that every time I shop at Hobby Lobby, I will be there for a very long time, the store is huge and it takes me awhile to navigate since I don't shop there every week like my other favorite stores. I snapped store pics so you can make a list of your must-have items and and get a peek at what's available. They always have coupons on their website to use in store, don't forget to use them to save extra money.

What are you loving?

 One of my favorite aisles and my first stop every time!

Pillows were only $12.50!





I spotted one last pineapple on the way out

This cute photo is from their Instagram page showing the new arrivals

Shop Hobby Lobby online + sign up for their e-mails to receive weekly coupons!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. SO many cute things!! I love that gold fox and I might have to buy those dalmation pillows :D The white pineapple looks similar to the one you bought at HomeGoods!

    1. (sorry for the late replay, was having some blogger issues with the reply button) Seriously cuteness everywhere, you would love everything! Yes that white pineapple looked almost identical to my Homegoods one :)

  2. OMG I can't believe we don't have one here in NYC! I am dying over all this gold goodness!!

  3. Sarah, this is so your style, boo to not having a store near you :(

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