Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Homegoods 40+Store Pics + Kate Spade $10 Pillow!!

The other day at HomeGoods, I walked into a very busy store for a Thursday afternoon. It was so crowded that the employee couldn't even load items off of his cart onto the floor before customers were already grabbing things to purchase. I'm a regular shopper at this location (big surprise I know) and he told me it was like this all day and that he was clearing the back stockroom. Naturally I had to go back again after to see even more new arrivals. They added larger displays of lamps, rugs and side tables, this is a great time to update and chic up your space for less.

Let's go shopping!

 The steal of the day: Kate Spade Pillows for only $9.99! 
They still retail for $50 here, too bad they were snatched away right in front of me.
They could also be found at T.J.Maxx

 Pretty Trays just put out on display - the smallest one here was $9.99!

Swoon-worthy Nicole Miller $479 (compare at $799!)

Found the Kate Spade Comforter Sets! $79.99
I really wanted to find them and then decided I would wait, I'm used to my duvet
and don't want to mess with my sleep, haha.

Loooved the Bathroom Rug selection! $19.99

 I always check out the Parisian style bathroom accessories, I almost bought the trashcan, but there was no price on it and I didn't feel like having them check since they were super busy.

Why they continue to put the price sticker on the front of items is beyond me, grrr...

The Meri Meri brand is sold at Nordstrom here and other specialty retailers,
the prices are about a third of what they sell for, a great deal for the Valentine's Day stuff!

Easy Vday gift ;-)

 "Hello" mug $4.99 and adorable B&W heart set $6.99

 Nicole Miller Marble Colored Chair $149.99 (compare at $250)
The back detail of the chair

Nicole Miller Chair $249.99 (compare at $500)

Sooo many gorgeous sofas! $699

 A huge display of New lamps $49.99

A few of these lamps I've seen before at other locations,
but I really loved their gold display.

Beautiful Lamps $29.99

 Faux Leather Tray Table (the tray is removable) $59.99
Still in good condition with wrapped legs, I wish they were always too busy to unwrap the furniture!

I rarely see rugs still rolled up and in the paper, 
These were small to medium size starting at $19.99

 Excited to see beachy arrivals!

These Cynthia Rowley pillows showed up again, 
the details are so well done, especially for $16.99!

It was like indoor flea market shopping all the new displays as they were unloading their carts.

 Loving all the jewelry hand displays starting at $12.99

This was so high up, the best angle I could get, LOL.

Gold Skulls $12.99

More poppin brand office supplies - yay!
Stapler $5.99 (retail $13.99 at Staples!) // 3pk Metallic Mini Notebooks $2.99

Love the rim of the mug too! $3.99

Awww...mini cupcake stand $6.99

 THE cutest $5 storage jars! 

 Pretty Set of Bowls - the style reminded me of Anthropologie $7.99

This beauty organizer is in the shape of a heart - extra cute!
Madame & Monsieur Mug Set $6.99

You could also use these in the bathroom for his and hers toothbrush holders, etc. $7.99

Striped Storage Boxes reminded me of Kate Spade of course $6.99

Cute Notebooks $3.99

The "stolen-right-in-from-of-me" pillows, haha. Did I mention the woman only grabbed the pillows because they were $10? She had no idea they were Kate Spade or why it was an even better deal!

Thanks for reading!!

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