Wednesday, February 24, 2016

NEW! Target Easter Dollar Spot Arrivals: See 40+ pics!

New arrivals in the Target dollar spot are here! Easily one of my favorite "departments" to shop, it always feels like it's own little store, probably because I'm in my own little world while grabbing dollar straws and bunny towels I probably don't need...but really, really want! Just when I thought Target couldn't top the adorable Valentine's Day decor, along comes pretty pastels and floppy ears to tempt me. While the area did get a makeover a few months ago, renaming it "the one spot" for the price increase, selling more items for $3 and $5, not just a dollar. I have to admit when I pick up something with a five dollar sticker, I'm likely to put it back, since seasonal items are most fun when you spend as little as possible, at least for this girl it is ;-)

What items will you be looking for on your next Target trip?

How can you not love these $3 bunny towels?!!

Cake Stand $5
I found white smaller versions of this one at Target a couple of months ago
for $3, loved the colors, but realized I didn't need another one and honestly,
I was like five dollars?! LOL. If It was $3, it probably would have come home with me.

They really are adorable, if you don't already have one.
I see cake stands at HomeGoods on a regular basis, always check their store too
if you want a different size or style.

Ceramic Bowls $3
These reminded me of Anthropologie, cute with a vintage vibe.

Check out my blogging friend Taya's Instagram account here to see how she turned this
$3 tote bag into a pillow!

 I resisted picking up another $3 tumbler...
I saw the same colors and prints two months ago, not sure if they were out early at the other
location or they found an old box at this location, haha.

  Adorable (pretty much the word to use on everything bunny-themed!) string lights $3

 This is great to use in your kitchen to display daily menus.

 While I'm all for gold glitter, this quality very loose and already everywhere in the bins.

Target Deals:

DV Shoes + Handbags: Take $5 off your $25 order or $10 off $50 with code STYLE

Save 20% off your $75+ online order of women's clothes - discount applied at checkout

Swimsuits: Buy one, get one 50% off here

Free $5 gift card when you spend $20 on beauty or personal care items here

Take 15% off $125+ online orders on furniture, bedding, bath and decor

>> Check out the last "dollar bin" post here to see if you missed anything!

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  1. Cute stuff - great pics!

  2. Oh mannnnn this is such a cute collection! They never fail to top themselves each season, huh? I want those cute ceramic bowls!

    Something About That

  3. Hi Tracy! I just found the $5 cake stands this morning and I am elated. I'm in NY and $5 is nothing compared to other retail prices. I lucked up big time finding 2 in all white!

    1. Yay!! That's awesome and yes $5 is still a good price, I'm just spoiled by finding others at $3, but those ARE smaller ;-) Have fun displaying your new cake stands!

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