Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Target's Who What Wear: Collection 2 + Mini Review

In case you missed the quiet second wave of Target's ongoing collaboration with the blog Who What Wear, I wanted to share the new arrivals since many of you didn't even know more pieces were already available. Some of my local stores put out a few pieces early, while others finally started showing up this week on display. I already scooped up the striped dress and look forward to wearing it with the Mossimo vest I purchased last month. Love all the chic trendy styles with a very European vibe and the affordable price tags continue to impress me for the quality.

Will you be adding any pieces to your wardrobe or purchased anything from this collection?

So excited to see the New arrivals on display!
Shop any of the items directly under photo if available, you're welcome ;-)

Ruffle Dress looks pulled together styled with a belt.

Knit Bardot Dress $29.99 *also in floral print or black
I'm so in love with this dress, very Kate Spade/Parisian style
I also tried this out with the off-the-shoulder sleeves up as "cap sleeves" which also worked, 
not sure if it will hold up for hours, but a good option if you want to wear it at work.

While these sweaters were around in the first wave, grey and prink were added to the mix.

Button Up Blouse $24.99 *available in several colors/prints
The newest pale pink color in this blouse is beautiful! Do yourself a favor and try it on next time, 
I already own a few and might be adding one more, wear them to work or with jeans.

My favorite part about this shirt is that it's made from lyocell, a good fabric that wears well.
Unfortunately, this was an awkward fit on me, sort of maternity-ish, i.e. not flattering.
Back pleat detail

I love a pretty lace top, this one reminds me of a Victorian-chic style.

 Woven T-Shirt $22.99
Most of these tops are also available in stripes too.

This is one of the big styles trending for spring and next up on my wish list...
if it looks cute on!

Lace-up tops are another big trend, I only wish they added one more neutral
shade to their B&W color palette, like grey or navy.

Peplum Tank $22.99

Peplum Tank $22.99
This is a simple feminine tank, also available in pale pink online. 

Eyelet Top with Peplum detail
This is another item on my shopping list, it's so cute!
Eyelet detail up close

I probably would have purchased this if it was available in different color or print.

 Ruffle Dress $34.99
Love the look and style of this dress, I may pick it up down the line if I find it on clearance ;-)

I really wanted to love this dress, 
I tried it on again in a smaller size and the armholes were still too big.

 The display at the second store was slightly different.

 Mossimo Vest $29.99
I can't say enough about this vest, it goes with everything!
Penny Pincher Fashion is wearing a similar vest over a lace dress in her post here.

My store didn't carry three of the items I saw online, 
hopefully they will also be available in store soon.

My store also didn't have this top, a long sleeve sheer looking shirt.

Shop the Collection here or scroll below for more styles:

Spend $35, save $5 or Spend $75, save $15 on clothing,
accessories and shoes with code STYLE

In case you missed it, check out my blog sharing store pics + reviews of the first collection here

Target announced the latest collab will be with Finnish designer Marimekko arriving April 17th
(read more here), I'll be posting the Lookbook as soon as it becomes available!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Wow this round is even less exciting than the last. I'm so ready for the next collab already....

    1. Sorry you didn't like anything, not sure if you'll love the next collab either, more of a bolder print/outdoor collection, not very designer-ish in terms of clothing, even though Marimekko is popular.

  2. Oh I'm so glad you posted these! I try to avoid the clothing section in Target (otherwise I just end up buying way too much stuff I didn't know I "needed" when I walked in there) so it was fun to browse without too much temptation to put stuff in my cart. So many cute, wearable pieces in this collection!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. Yes! Going into the clothing dept. at Target is dangerous, you can load up a ton of stuff w/o even thinning about it! Some of these items reminded me of Express, the simple B&W style.

  3. I am loving that striped off the shoulder dress, but not sure I have the physique to pull it off! I also like had they paired cognac belt with the black dress, super chic and simple! I am definitely going to be getting some these pieces.

    1. You could absolutely wear the stripe dress! It's really flattering, try it on next time, I bet you'll love it, the belted look was so cute!

  4. I'm really loving quite a few of these pieces. I think it's the pretty patterns and colour palate that gives this collection and edge over some of the other collabs from past seasons.

    Something About That

    1. Agree that the patterns/colors give it an edge, it's nice to have a few pieces that are super wearable on an everyday basis from a designer collab!

  5. You should check it out on your next Target trip!

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  7. They are so cute but very very
    Long. Totally look ridic on us short gals

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