Sunday, January 31, 2016

Who What Wear x Target Collection is Here! Store Pics + Mini Review

The latest Target collaberation is the first ongoing collection featuring new items each month. It also includes some of the most wearable pieces I've seen come out of a collab, always a good thing. Mixing bold prints, classics, and trendy items intended to build your wardrobe, sign me up! Did I also mention every.single.item is under $50? The average price point is actually around $30 and the quality, at least from the fit and look of some of the items seem to be well worth picking up a few favorites.

I'm obviously excited to share the store pics and mini review to make it easier if you are able to order online. Pretty much everything is running true to size and when in doubt order both sizes if you are unsure. The good news is there doesn't seem to be a 14-day return policies like previous launches. The other good news is that the store I visited carried the Plus size line!

By the way, online shopping didn't even pop up on Target's landing page until almost 9am this morning creating all kinds of confusion, what's a Target launch without a bit of drama, I would really love to find out someday, haha.

What's on your wish list? 

 The "it" pieces of the collection
Oddly enough the long vest in the back wasn't on the floor. I'm sure someone
forgot to put them out because the plus sizes were found in the "regular" section.

I added shoppable links to all of the items available under their photo - click on any item to shop!

Clutches $19.99 *more styles online
Can't say enough good things about these, they have the look of a designer bag with the tassel zipper, similar to Clare Vivier which retail for $200!

 Floral Pencil Skirt // Black Cape //  Skinny Boyfriend Jeans
I loved the jeans, cute fit to roll-up the cuff.

 Lace Tee $22.99
The lace tops were beautiful - loved the details and another versatile piece to dress up or down.
I actually came home and ordered the black online, but ordered a large instead of my usual
medium just because it was a tad narrow in the shoulders.

 Knotted Belt $19.99
The quality was okay for these, more like a $12 belt, lol and felt more Mossimo than this brand,
still good to tie the pieces together.

 Bateau Sweater $27.99
I love a simple nautical stripe and this one looked more expensive than the $28 price tag.

Right: Olive Sweater Dress $39.99 
I didn't even try this tiny ultra-fitted dress on, better for a petite person I'm sure.

 Striped Shirt Dress $36.99 Easily one of my favorite items, if I wore more dresses, 
I would have picked this up, although I'm still thinking about it. Flattering fit, true to size and can be dressed up for work or cute on the weekends with some sandals.

 Fluted Dress $29.99 Lots of prints available online!
This dress is really nice too, especially for $30.

 Peplum Top $24.99
I liked this so much better on other people online, a bit snug in my regular size. 

 Black Culottes $29.99

 Bateau Tee $19.99
Cute stripe top, it felt a bit claustrophobic at the neckline, even though I thought it looked cute on.

 Scarves $19.99
While I liked the prints, they were too long for me, but I'm used to less fabric and 
infinity scarves here in Los Angeles, probably better for those in colder climates.

 Bow Blouse $24.99
The cobalt blue was beautiful, I'm still trying to decide if I will actually wear the big bow, because the color is flattering on just about everyone, also true to size.

Printed Tee $17.99
Cute basic stripe tee

 Striped Linen Tee $17.99 // Pencil Skirt $27.99 Get this skirt! 
Perfect skirt for work and you can't beat the price, classic look/fit, and it's lined!

 Blue Moto $39.99
Vibrant blue in person and another piece that looked more expensive that the price tag!

I might end up getting one of these dresses, so fun and loved the material.

 Moto Jacket $44.99
This is one of the "it" pieces fashionistas are dying to get their hands on. It's actually cropped, so you could wear any of the longer tanks/shirts from this collection to get a cool girl look. I do love a good moto jacket, it just depends how you style it, I would eliminate one of the zippers, although it wouldn't be a true moto jacket I guess. True to size or if you have wider shoulders like myself, you may want to order a size up.

Utility Jacket $39.99
If I didn't have a similar version of this style, this would have come home with me.

  Birdcage Skirt $29.99
This was one of the items that surprised me in person and had no intention of purchasing since I rarely wear skirts. It's a nice quality thicker fabric and will look cute in the spring/summer mixed with a simple tee or tank with sandals. It is a longer almost midi-length, again it depends on your height, I'm almost 5'5" and appreciate something that isn't super short.

You basic sweater, thin material and good for layering, true to size.

Who What Wear Brand Philosophy

 Skinny Scarves $14.99

 Dot Tee $17.99
I'll be tempted to get a few of their tees if they go on sale, nice loose fit.

 V-neck Tunic $24.99
This looks better in person than it photographs and The Fashion Palate reminded
me how similar it is to the Nordstrom's Lush brand on sale for $25.20 this week!
  Cuffed shirt

Button-Back Tank $22.99
Another item I really liked, great layering piece.

I wish I would have tried these pants on, they looked like an odd fit, 
but a lot of people online seem to love them.

I was excited to see this since it wasn't in the lookbook, horrible fit and I'm glad I'm not the only one, a few people online asked me about it. This would prob work if you are super slender...maybe.

 Button Up Blouse $24.99
I loved this shirt so much, similar to the Express 'Portofino' Shirts but under $25!
These are a bit longer than your average shirt, it depends on your height and the pants/shoes you'll be wearing. I got my usual medium and plan and doing a half-tuck with these.

 Striped Shirt $24.99
I confess, I bought both of these prints since I wear jeans all the time, they are an easy way to looked pulled together with minimal effort.

 Button Back Tank $22.99
This was really cute and available in 5 prints online!

  Cute button-back detail

 Neck Scarf $14.99
Loved these cute scarves, great to use as a headscarf or on your bag too!

A good basic, although I wan't wild about the fabric, linen is just not my favorite.

A perfect lightweight dress in my opinion, for some reason this one seemed to run larger than the striped version, although it could have just been I got the one oddity, although you never
know 100% off sizing at these places, nothing is always exactly the same fit.

*Apologies for the bad angle, while there were only a few shoppers, 
it was hard to maneuver around the racks of clothing. 
Cape $39.99
This cape is everything!
please ignore my baggy jeans, unpolished nails etc, mmm thanks ;-)
I have no place to where this, so I passed...for now. 
I'm already thinking about going back, ugh.

Pink Blazer $39.99
This jacket was on my wish list until I saw this photo of it online, looks super boxy!
This is the version I fell in love with, looks completely different, and it wasn't at my store.

Circle Bags $29.99
So excited, this is now available online!!

Belt Bag $24.99
Restocked Online - hurry!

Shop the Collection Online here 

Spend $35 on Handbags & Jewelry - Take $10 off with code STYLE
*not valid on this collection, but still pretty good ;-)

>> Check out Franci over at The Fashion Palate for her store try-on & review!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Super cute collection!! I want that floral blue dress and would love to try on that striped one =)

    1. I think you would really love this collection in person Christina and that dress would be perfect for you!

  2. This has to be one of the best collabs EVER! I usually find that a lot of the pieces that come out in these collections are a little over-the-top for my taste...but I basically love everything you posted about!

    That cape really is gorgeous, but I probably would have left it too, since I hardly even wear my traditional blazer.

    Something About That

    1. I really wish you could shop the collection Jackie, I know how much you would love all of it, and it's the one collab I'm buying multiple pieces since it is all super wearable and chic!

  3. The cape looks so good on you! I tried on as much as I could for my review, and was really impressed by the bateau sweater and birdcage skirt. Really well made and with cotton! The entire collection evokes such as chic, wearable vibe. I went back for more today, because I couldn't get the lace tee and moto jacket out of my head! Thank you for your awesome review! Here are some of my fitting room favorites:

    1. Haha, I went back for more too yesterday! I feel the same way about the skirt, it's SO nice, like you said easy wearable vibe. Can't wait to read your review, yours are the best! Thanks for stopping by Melissa :)

  4. I was just about to put together my thoughts for the collection LOL. The stores by me are closed on Sunday so I didn't go until yesterday. Personally I was pretty meh about the collection. I tried on the cape too but I found a similar piece recently for $7 on sale at H&M and the sleeveless trench was cute but I want a real designer version - or maybe I'll wait to see what shows up on the sale rack :)


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