Wednesday, April 12, 2017

TJ Maxx FREE Shipping: Under $25 Home Decor Favorites + More!!

T.J. Maxx online shopping store is really amazing! I'm surprised at how many deals are available and I 'm always checking to see the new arrivals or books they sell to be ready when free shipping offers pop up and today is that day! While you can't search for specific brands, you can type in "pineapple" or "marble" to get results that way. They also carry quite a bit of Marc Jacobs items at any given time and recently I've spotted Nars lipstick, which sell out super fast. I wish I could share even more favorites with you, but at least you can find style steals without ever leaving your home today, you're welcome ;-)

 SHOP Favorites Below:

Made in USA Eyelash Pillow $24.99 Join my addiction to all things eyelash ;-)

Pom Pom Velvet Throw $16.99 You can't beat the quality of throws they carry for the price!

3 Get Chic Done Paperweight $7 Chic up your desk.

4pk Appetizer Plates $15 These plates look identical to plates at Anthropologie sold here for $12 EACH! * also on clearance: matching 4pk glasses for $15 here

2pk Marble Journals $5.99 Stationary items are one of my favorites areas to shop in store.

Faux Succulent $12.99 I've mainly purchased faux plants from TJM or Homegoods because they are much more affordable.

The Little Dictionary of Fashion $9.99 This is a cute little book, a great gift idea too.

Sleep In Velvet Pillow $14.99 This is what I ordered far...

DVF Journey of a Dress Book $20 on clearance, get it before it sells out!
This book retails for $47 on Amazon

Random, but this is my favorite soap to use in the bathroom!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Canvas Tote $129 (retail $260)
One of several MJ items available on the website.

Shop & Scroll Thru for Under $25 Home Favorites: 

SHOP TJ Maxx Online HERE
Free Shipping on ALL orders 4/12 no code needed.
>> Make sure to check out clearance items HERE

FYI: Shipping is slowww... 
Just two weeks ago, five days went by and I received a "your item has shipped" e-mail.
I ordered this suitcase for under $40 on clearance

*You can make a return to the store, but that too is really slow. Make sure to bring the packing slip receipt you receive in the box, and even then, they still have to verify the item in their system and create a store tag, you have 30 days to make the return or receive store credit if it's past the date.

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  1. You always find the cutest things Tracy! And that's annoying that shipping is slow. These days I want things instantly LOL. Amazon has spoiled me...

    1. hahaha, I know, the shipping is so bad I literally just got home and found the pillow on my doorstep TODAY!!