Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Victoria Beckham x Target Store Pics + Review!

The Victoria Beckham x Target collaboration turned out to be one of my favorites! Since the lookbook for me was a bit of a letdown, I'm happy to report there are some must-have pieces worth hunting down. Target continues to update and restock a few items here and there, make sure you check daily if you have your eye on something. My Target store opened at 7am (an hour earlier than usual thanks to Walmart opening nearby) and since not many people were aware of the time change, I was able to check out the collection with only a few other customers. I knew the moment it hit 8am though as I became trapped in a sea of shoppers in a very short time, granted the set-up wasn't that large and this particular location actually carried everything in the collection (except for the "online exclusives" of course).

                                                         Two of the signature pieces that sold out fast!

Online shopping this time around went so smoothly, it didn't even seem like a Target launch LOL. I'm hoping they continue adding links to the items before it officially goes live at midnight (I always feel bad for the East Coast shoppers) because I only spent a few minutes shopping and checking out.

While not every piece is wearable on a daily basis for everyone with the bold colors taking up half of the collection. I was impressed with the overall collection, the fabrics and style were a step up from the last few collaborations, especially with the price points being more affordable. Most items ran true to size, although there were a few that ran really large, while several of the dresses were snug on the hips (was this because of my love for croissants? I'm not sure). The stars of the show were the kids and baby collection, there is some major cuteness going on! Everything would make for sweet baby shower gifts or Easter outfits with matching Mommy & me looks.

A few people were asking me if I thought the collection reflected Victoria's high-end label? Yes and no, the clean lines and solid colors, along with some of the dresses really do look like pieces I've seen her wear from the Victoria collection. I think for a Target collab, this was one of the best, it's always fun to snag a few pieces from a designer brand you wouldn't normally be able to afford.

What did you think of the VB x Target - did you buy anything?

 Scarves sold out within minutes, I was lucky to get a photo.

The adorable bee print scarf is a steal for only $20
I hope they restock so more people can order one.

Bee Print Shirt $30
This ran slightly large, depending on how you plan to wear it.
I actually ordered both sizes and even in person, I couldn't decide in the store.

Now that I see this retro style top $26 again, I like it even more!
Could be a contender if I see it on clearance ;-)

  I have mixed feelings on the gingham top $30.
(by the way, it's actually navy & white, although it looks B&W in the pics)
I haven't decided if I'm keeping it or not, it was huge on the bottom half, but seemed slightly tight on the shoulders/neckline, however I have broad shoulders,Another try-on will be needed.

 Loved this appliqué sweatshirt!! $30
This was really pretty and the details were perfect. 
I couldn't justify buying another sweatshirt, but if you can, pick it up!

 Gingham Pants $30
True to size and good price for this pant, similar to ones that retail for $50+

 I absolutely loved this dress, the shade of pink is gorgeous!
This was cuter than I thought it would be, 
it looks like a quality dress that would sell for much more than $35!

The pants were soooo long, I know you can have them altered, 
here's where I wish they made them in petite sizes too, they were beautiful though!

If you want one item in a bold color, this is a nice option for only $26.

 Very retro pieces, I do like the scallop details.

  I really wanted the adorable toddler outfit for myself, I wished several of the kids items
 were exactly version in the "adult" styles, they were all so darn cute!

 This was the dress $35 that surprised me the most! I mentioned it was like I may have escaped 
from a chic prison, haha. I loved the stripes and the thicker material. 
You can wear this a variety of ways, style it with a belt or dress it up with fun pins!

The white blouse $30 on the left was beautiful and flowy, makes me wish I would have ordered it.
It's an elevated basic and reminds me the most of something Victoria would actually wear.

 This shirt was similar to the blue/white stripe dress in terms of style,
I didn't like the off-white color, not flattering on most skin tones,
too bad this wasn't in a different color, because it had potential.

 Beautiful Easter dress or to wear at any celebration this spring/summer.
I didn't try this on, but I did hear their were issues with the zipper.

 If you are loving the spring print, but like me, don't wear many dresses,
you could dress this up for work or with denim for a casual look.

I don't think I realized this was for "adults" at the time,
I may go back to try it on, could be a fun piece to style.

 The popular bunny dresses
These were not my favorite, mainly because the fabric was much thinner than the other
dresses and the while the bunny motif is cute, not sure how much wear anyone would
get out of them past Easter, although I do wear other animal prints throughout the year.

 I saw two adults trying the kids sweaters on and the XL fit them without looking silly.

The bomber jackets were nice quality and details for $35, I would size up for a looser fit, 
but that's a personal style choice, otherwise they are true to size.

I hope I can find these on clearance, they were the prettiest "dressy" shorts.

I prefer the pink bomber because I feel like it goes with more colors,
plus the mint jacket looks like it could get easily snagged or looked "worn" after a few washes.

The kids version

Tip: If you are a petite adult, you cold probably fit into the XL in the girls dresses.

One of the girls dresses that cold easily fit a petite adult

 Where is the adult version of this romper?!! 
This was too cute!

This looks like a little Minion dress LOL,
the colors seemed a bit out of place with the rest of the kids/baby style.

I thought this raincoat was so cool and it seemed to be a hit with the kids.

 This paper doll book was beyond adorable!!

The $70 embellished bomber jacket!
This sold out after an hour since they only received one of each size.

 The employee bee t-shirt everyone wanted!
Whyyyy didn't they make this part of the collection, sad face.

14-day Return Policy, 30 days for REDcard holders!

Shop the VB x Target Collection Online 
or to check store sizes HERE

 Take $10 off your apparel & accessories purchase of $50 or more thru 4/15
I do not see it in the Cartwheel App as suggested, text STYLE10 to 827438 if it's not coming up.

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  1. Wow, your target is so well stocked! I figured out how to deal with the zipper issue on the Black Floral Satin Dress.


    1. I went to a larger Target for this collection, I was lucky enough to see almost everything! Glad you figured out the zipper issue because the dress was gorgeous!

  2. I liked the idea of this collab but there really wasn't anything I needed. I would have liked the blue and white striped dress but it was sold out online and I was too lazy to go instore LOL

    1. Haha, you might find that dress down the line, I know you wold love it and style it to perfection!

  3. Wow, 7AM! Your store had quite the selection. I felt that the employees were well prepared this time. The bunny collared dress is still available in all sizes in my store, which surprised me. I loved the English floral print and gingham top. Plus, that bee print was hard to resist. I can hardly wait for my online order to arrive this week. Here's a look at my review. http://www.thekeytochic.com/2017/04/victoria-beckham-for-target-review.html

    1. I was smart this time and went to the huge Target store about 15 minutes from me since the local one never carries all of the pieces of the collaborations. You are so right about the employees being prepared (and online!), it was effortless shopping this time around, I can't wait for my online order to arrive too! Thanks for stopping by :)

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