Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Target $12 Shorts + Sandals + $5 Tees & Tanks!

I don't know about you, but I cannot stop shopping at Target, I mentioned it in my last post, but seriously I keep going back for more! I stocked up on $12 shorts and feel like after this haul, I don't need any more summer shorts...of course with Memorial Sales, never say never ;-)

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                          Pineapple Tee $5 ($8) // White Tank Top $5 ($8) Available in 15 colors!

                          Tencel Denim Shorts $12 ($19.99) // Mossimo Soft Shorts $12 ($17.99)

                          Wrap Toe Sandal $12 ($15.99) //  Braided Sandals in Gold $12 ($15.99)

 Chino Shorts $12 ($19.99)
The Lemon/Pineapple (the great debate is everywhere on Instagram) Shorts $12
are a steal for $8 off the regular price!

Neon Yellow Shorts $12 ($19.99)
These shorts are worth hunting down (sold out online),
similar in style to J.Crew shorts from last summer and the quality is really good!

Baja Short $12 ($17.99)
Loved this style too, one of the pairs I picked up.

Shop Denim Shorts starting at $12 HERE

 Braided Sandals in Gold $12 ($15.99)
 Wrap Toe Sandal $12 ($15.99)
The sign is showing the wrong style, but I wanted to share the color of the metallic gold IRL.

                                                           Wrap Toe Sandal $12 ($15.99)

 Relaxed Tees $5 ($8)
I love these relaxed tees and picked up the stripes, it's a loose fit, 
so make sure you don't size up if ordering online.

>> Shop $5 Mossimo Sales Tanks & Tees HERE

Pineapple Tee $5 ($8)
Back in Stock Online!
This is 100% cotton, size up in these!

 Who What Wear Shorts on sale for $20 ($24.99)
*Not yet available online

Patchwork Jacket $19.98 ($39.99)

NEW Who What Wear lowered clearance prices again after I posted on Saturday, grrrr..

SHOP $12 Sandals:
Thong Sandals (5 colors)  //  Braided Sandals (7 colors)  // 
Wrap Toe Sandals (8 colors) Love the floral pair!
Thong Sandals  (5 colors available)

Tencel Denim Shorts $12 ($19.99)
I picked up two pairs of these shorts, so soft and love the elastic waist for a slouchy look.
These are great for the beach too and don't look nearly as short as they appear in the photo.

Mossimo Soft Shorts $12 ($17.99) Available in more prints online!
I thought I snapped a pic of this pair, the print is so cute, but keep in mind they are very thin.
I would wear these on the beach or around the house, but not "out & about".

SHOP Sale Shorts $12 - $18  HERE or Scroll Thru Below:

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