Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nate Berkus for mead at Target

I stumbled upon this new and relatively small collab featuring designer Nate Berkus for Mead available at select Target locations. Nate is a household name for many of us after launching a successful home collection for Target late last year. This collection of chic stationary and desk accessories is focused on making your space organized and stylish. Seeing new magazine holders, pencil cups and binder clips in bold patterns got my heart racing a bit (my obsession with organizing began as a young child). Even if you aren't planning to purchase this particular line of products, I hope this inspires you to add some color to your space and get organized this year. Redecorating and beautifying even a small part of your home or work space can change your life..you can do it!    *Nate Berkus Home Collection is now 50% off in stores at Target

What do you think of organizing your space in style?

"A well designed home is one that tells your story" ~Nate Berkus

Patters and colors to brighten your space

Being organized gives me a sense of calm and the design element is an added bonus 
that also makes it a creative place to work

The yellow stripes are my favorite, cheery and a bit nautical

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  1. I saw these at my local Target and didn't think much of them until I really wanted them for my office. I went back and Everything was gone :( I only found a couple of things in the clearance end-caps. I went to three other Targets in search of these products. I am driving to another Target to check as well. I really love this office set.

    1. I really hope you are able to track the items down Hector!! The Target's I have been to weren't on clearance yet, so maybe you will still be able to find some things - best of shopping luck :D