Sunday, February 10, 2013

{Prabal Gurung x Target Collection} Pics + Sizing

The highly anticipated Prabal Gurung for Target is finally here! After stopping at 3 "regular" Target stores and only seeing a small collection of what was supposed to be available, I made my way to a Target Greatland location and feasted my eyes on this lovely collection. I took pictures of almost every item available so you can shop with me and decide for yourself what you want. I included sizing notes on as many pieces as I could, in case you can't make it to the store and something is still available to shop online here ♥  For reference I am just under 5'5'' and usually prefer a medium in almost everything (in case shrinkage occurs and I like things to be a tad loose for a less structured, not sloppy look).

 What are you favorites? 

 I was the only customer shopping at my first (of four) Target stops.

 This printed (lightweight) sweatshirt for $29.99 was one of the most popular items from the collection and was almost sold out at my store, I grabbed one for myself, even though it is much bolder a print than I normally wear. Runs true to size for a "fitted" sweatshirt, not too big and not tight, I am typically a medium and that's what I bought.    

 This Floral Crush dress is so beautiful (and fully lined!) and seems to be well made. I just didn't see myself wearing it, especially more than once, I'll probably regret not buying it. I would have purchased size 4.

 The Calypso dress on left and a second shot of the gorgeous floral dress.
          Short Sleeve Dress in First Date Print for $39.99. This was one of the more casual and wearable dresses that can be dressed up with heel or worn with flats/sandles. I would have purchased the size 6 for a slightly longer length.

 The ruffle blouse is so pretty in person and fits perfectly. I love this shade of "Dresden" blue. I bought a medium, but I also could have purchased a small, there was hardly any difference at all, just slightly tighter in the shoulders.

 This peplum top was so popular, only 3 were left. I think you can see from the picture though, it has a very boxy fit, too short and just not flattering, this could have been a great piece for spring.

 The drop-waist dress is something I usually see on younger girls, so I will leave that style to them.
The tank tops came in three colors. Simple and cute, I liked the subtle pop of color on the pocket, these ran slightly larger, and gape on the side if you don't get the correct size. I still may order one in small. The black and white skirt was so cute (and lined), but also so short, a big pass for me.

The brightly colored ruffle dress was pretty, but in "too-trendy-a-color" for me to spend $39.99 on. The red color would have been nice to see in store. The "meet the parents" dress looked pretty, but I just didn't need this type of dress and it is a fuller cut, which is not a good fit for me.

 Although this dress was selling out fast at my store, I just wasn't loving it enough.

Sleeveless Dress, this style is on the fuller side, love the colors and the semi-edgy look.
 This blazer ran large and they only had two left. It was huge on me and too loud a print for my style, cute on the right person though.

The most affordable of the bunch for $19.99 if you are looking to have at least one thing from this collection and have a Prabal "signature" look. Seemed to run on the larger size. I would order a small.

 The shorts are super cute if you are super young and know how to wear them..I am neither.

  Pretty sleeveless top. I actually purchased the collared version of this and will wear it with a cardigan or jacket until the weather warms up. I bought the medium for a flowier look. 
 Crewneck Sweaters, these were more Gap than Prabal Gurung. They were nice, but I was trying to get something different and more of his "signature" print. These run true to size, size up if you want a slouchier fit.
I didn't get a picture of the cardigan version of this sweater, but it ran very large. I would have purchased a small or maybe even an x-small since it was also long.

Cute little printed top for $24.99, runs true to size.
The faux leather collar and lace detailing were impressive for a shirt that is $34.99.  I would have snapped this up if I wasn't so excited for spring and wanted to buy brights! Runs true to size. I would have loved to see the yellow verion of this shirt in person.
The clutches for $34.99 - I maybe would have purchased one if they were $20, but I wasn't feeling them at this price.

The jewelry wasn't available at most of the stores I went to and this was all that remained inside the cases: 4 necklaces, 1 ring and 4 pairs of earrings. I didn't get any of the pieces, but they were surprisingly nice and very fun.

The shoes...I really wish all of the shoes were available in store, but that's okay, they were still fun to see in person. I thought $29.99 for most of the sandles and flats (online) were great prices. I ordered these in yellow, but will have to try them on to decide if they are keepers.

These strappy numbers were uber cool, but slightly too high a heel for me.

One of the signature prints in heels

I would love to know what everyone thought and bought of this amazing collection, leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome! I can't believe you went to 4 Target locations :D We have similiar opinions on the fits and looks of the items. I felt the same way about the black lace blouse, did they have they yellow/white version at your store(s)?
    BTW,Love the dresden blue ruffle blouse you got!


    1. I was so happy to finally see everything!! No, the green version of the lace blouse wasn't at at any of the stores. Thanks, I fell in love with that blouse in person and didn't plan on buying it at all, happy surprise.

  2. I am rocking the blue dress on my blog this week!


  3. I want to order yellow flats online. Usually wear a 9.5 but only 9s are available. Did anyone try shoes on to see if they are true to size? Would appreciate any info. Thanks.

    1. The flats weren't available in store to try on, but from what I've read, the 9s might work for you, as the sandles seem to be running 1/2 size larger. I hope that helps Katy :) I would just take a chance and order them, if they don't work, returns are super easy at Target, just keep your packing slip.

  4. Ahh this makes me want to go to Target so bad!

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. Go fast Annie - items are selling out fast! I would love to see what you find :)

  5. I loved seeing the photos of the collections. The prints and colors are bold and bright and I love them for that reason. I loved the shorts but since I'm not a person who wears shorts a lot, I just didn't find them practical for me. I did get some items but I ordered them online as I didn't want to "deal" with going to the store. I can't wait to get them and will see what I end up keeping! =D

    1. The colors/prints looked so good on camera, they were made for this. I ordered the shoes online, so fingers crossed they will fit. I hope your items work for you, look forward to seeing what you bought!

  6. Oh wow, this was a great look at the whole collection in a very real way! I better get to a Target ASAP and see what's left!

    1. Glad you enjoyed seeing all the pics - get to Target asap so you can grab a piece for yourself!

  7. Replies
    1. I did get them Vanessa and they were so HUGE,they didn't even stay on my foot! So, needless to say, I had to return them, so disappointed :(

  8. So I really want to buy that floral crush dress off of Ebay. I do realize it was a long time ago and possibly you'll never read this comment, but I'm 5'6 and 140 and was wondering if you'd recommend a 6 or 8?

    1. Hi!
      I can see why you want the Prabal Dress, it was one of my favorites and although I didn't buy it, I would have purchased the 4, and with your measurements I would order an 8 for a little more length and so it won't be as tight in the chest area :) I hope this helps and enjoy the dress!