Friday, February 15, 2013

Topshop + Topman Los Angeles

Topshop and Topman opened their first Los Angeles store yesterday at The Grove. The British import has been popular among celebrities and fashionistas for it's trendy clothing and accessories with an edge. This is a beautiful two-story location, with Topshop occupying the first floor and Topman, women's petites, and shoes on the second floor. 

I arrived just after they opened their doors this morning and it was already crowded with shoppers, lots of employees (seriously, a ridiculous amount), and the smell of freshly painted walls, not fun. I took a quick lapse around the store to check things out, but it was virtually impossible to actually shop. The clothing and handbags, etc. are on the pricier side of the Forever 21/ H&M spectrum, but I knew that going into the store, thanks to shopping Topshop at Nordstrom (..and patiently waiting for sale prices). So, I left empty handed, but that's okay, Zara is right around the corner ♥

Have you visited Topshop - what do you think of their store?

 It's finally here!

 The fashionable mannequins that greet you at the entrance

   Each style of clothing was grouped together to resemble mix and match outfits on the wall


 This dress was $120, I've seen cuter dresses for $25 at Target

The "cheaper" handbags are $40 and very lightweight

I loved all of their displays, super cute
(I took this pic while in motion, a bunch of girls were heading straight for me 
with no signs of slowing down)

Always love a girl in polka dots (maybe not with plaid though)

 Wall of handbags
 The massive shoe department

  The brightly colored walls added a cool vibe to the store
The view on the way up

 Topman section of the store had more employees in it than shoppers, I guess men don't rush to new stores openings like women do, go figure.

Topman department looked almost untouched

Men's accessories  

  This line formed almost immediately after the doors opened and grew fast
 A free photo booth to upload your Topshop looks to Facebook
 Their well packaged make-up department accented with stripes and polka dots

 Thanks for reading!


  1. If we don't get a Topshop out my way soon... I may just scream! LOL


  2. I can see why you might scream (totally legit) after seeing everything, this is so your style! I was overwhelmed with everything when I first walked in, I want to go back already!

  3. So cool! Nordstrom's Topshop will only do for so long! I hope SF is next. :)
    The men's selection looked great too!


    1. There is no comparing the actual Topshop and the few pieces we get to see at Nordtrom, this is just heaven :) SF seem like the next logical location - you never know!

  4. Looks like heaven!! Wish the Topshop in Melbourne was as good as that!


    1. I'm sure you have lots of stores that are way better than our here ;-)

  5. It looks fabulous :)