Sunday, September 15, 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim x Target Store pics for Women + Men!!

The highly anticipated 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target Collection arrived early this morning online and in stores this Sunday with bags literally flying off the shelves. While I did most of my shopping online, not wanting to miss at least one of the mini Pashli bags, I did pick up a few things in store. My entire haul included the black mini Pashli, the yellow mini Pashli, the green/blue sweater, and the camo sweatshirt for my boyfriend. This collection is all about the handbags and for good reason, the mini Pashli is a bargain version of an actual Phillip Lim bag that would cost you $800. The collection is a mix of fun prints and some nice modern pieces that should work again next season. Make sure to also check out the men's collection, quality pieces and the prices are even better than the women's, pick up some for your stylish guy!

What did you buy from this collection?

The most popular clothing item, the BOOM sweatshirt for only $29
The pretty ruffle tank are on my list if they hit the clearance racks. 

Very quiet at my first stop, as you can see, the empty shelves
are where the handbags were displayed.
...and the mystery of where all of the bags went to.. a customer's shopping cart.
In all fairness though, there weren't other shoppers looking for the bags at this location.

Super surprised to see the highly coveted Pashli bags still on the
 shelves almost an hour after opening!

The floral shirt dress is very large and boxy and the leopard dress is cute and looks true to size.

The Sweater I wanted to love you.
I think on the right person, these will look fab, but they run on the larger size.
The the two sizes in front are x-smalls!

This is one of my favorite items - love the color combo, I will wear this a lot! Fits true to size and reminds me of J.Crew, always a good thing when finding affordable clothing.

I was surprised by how much I loved this print in person, great colors for fall.
This will also be on my radar if it lasts long enough to go on sale.

This floral shirt was on my wish list, but it person it also ran very large and was really
more of a hi-lo shirt, not what I was looking for, still love the print though.

Love this print in this peplum version.

An interesting white sparkle shirt, not really my style. 
This also ran large.

The navy version of the ruffle tank

Green Blouse with some shoulder paneling/overlay.

This is a silky pj style blazer, it's boxy on the bottom and a very busy print in this fabric.
I'm sure once it is paired with some solids, it will work..I think.

 Sparkle sweater was also a popular item.

The "sparkle" detail collar.

Navy silky skirt.

The silky skirts are really cute and a very wearable piece.

The scarves are a great item to grab if you can only make one purchase.

 The sequin dress was only at one of the stores I visited.

The beautiful details.

Cool basic tank with sparkle detail

The fun "grab and go" packs sold out fast and contains a pj set.

Casual sweatpants for the ladies.

The Men's Collection:

 Some really stylish pieces in this collection and very affordable.

The trench coat was actually sold out at two of my stores.

 Black & White color blocked tshirt is $19.99

The men's collection included shoes! Lucky!

Shop the collection online here

Check out Franci's blog for sizing at The Fashion Palate!!

Thanks for reading!!
Stay tuned for all the details and pics for the next collab with French Designer Catherine Malandrino's Collection debuts at Kohls on Sept.27th



  1. Yay! Glad you made it out alive! Love your haul. The green/navy sweater was soooo cute. I might end up getting that if it's still around during markdowns. Love your description,"interesting white sparkle shirt." was the best!;) It was that, interesting. Also, funny how the the sparkle sweater sold out faster than the boom sweater at my target!


    1. Haha, thanks for noticing the "interesting" comment! The sparkle sweater surprised me, all three stores were almost sold out.

  2. Wow, didn't you do well! I think the handbags were definitely the best buys here....such bargain lovliness! xx

    1. I am super happy that I was able to grab the bags, they are so cute!!

  3. I do like the bags, but I wish they had had the loafers I saw in the lookbook. I found out they are from his regular collection. Fail :(


    1. Aww..I was looking forward to seeing what piece you grabbed from the sale, I love the way you style the designer bargains! I actually told a customer who was wondering where the shoes were the disappointing news.

  4. Oh yes... I saw many instagram pics on Phillip Lim's new collection at Target!
    I think I will be checking it out soon!
    When you get a chance, check out my blog:
    Also, find me on Twitter: & Instagram:


    1. Hopefully you can find a few items still left, maybe even a purse could be returned and sitting on the shelf. I'll def check out your blog :)

  5. I have seen a ton of hype over Instagram, but didn't make the trek myself. I think there's some nice pieces, but I don't understand how it sold out so quickly in most places. I'm guessing people didn't even bother to try on the stuff they bought!

    xoxo Jackie

    1. Don't believe all the hype, clothes were still at most stores, the bags did sell out though within minutes at just about every Target. If you didn't know about the collection beforehand, that's okay, just pick up something you love down the line on sale! :)