Monday, October 21, 2013

H&M Sale + 30% off your order + 50% off 1 item!!

H&M online is turning out to be one of the best (or worst depending on your wallet's point of view) things to happen to e-commerce in a while. Today, they added a coupon to take 30 % off your entire order (including sale prices!) plus a promo code to take 50% off the highest item in your cart. I have had my eye on this beautiful coat for over a month, but at fifty dollars and 85 degree temps, I couldn't justify my purchase..but using the half off code makes it the perfect fall coat. Hope you find something fabulous!
What did you order?
1*Blazer $9.95 (reg $24.95) // 2 Clutch $10 (reg $24.95// 3 Leopard Flats $15//
 4 Short Coat $49.95 //  5 Sweater $20 (reg $34.95) //   6 Silk Dress $30 (reg $79.95)

 * This blazer comes in a variety of colors and is a limited online offer to save 60% off regular price!
 *No additional discounts have been applied - sale prices and regular prices shown since it is up to you which discount you apply :)

I really love this sweater - a very Chanel meets cool jacket vibe.

Go to Like-A Coupon on Facebook - Take 51% off the highest prices item + 30% off your entire order + Free Shipping over $50 use Codes 0901 and 8964
*Enter the discounts in order shown above - although it says only one code per order, continue and enter second code.

You can use code 8964 to save 30% off your entire order thru 10/22 on multiple orders.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Woah, that's a huge savings! I actually haven't ordered anything online from H&M yet! What's wrong with me!? Now may be the perfect time to start. Great excuse to snag that coat you got!

  2. I love that coat, hopefully they'll have the same offers over here in the UK!
    Sophie x

  3. Dude.
    that coat.

    no words.

    - The Fashionable ESQ (Esquire)

  4. The discounts sure are fantastic and you are right that coat is amazing! Hard to resist at 50% off!


    1. So true Rebecca - the perfect excuse to buy the coat! :)