Sunday, October 20, 2013

Target Clearance 30% Philip Lim + HUGE beauty clearance!!

Target had so many new clearance items in store today - I had to share! Designer Phillip Lim's recent collection is now 30% off and the beauty department had red clearance stickers throughout, do not miss all the deals to save and they include all the new collections from the last month.

What have you found at Target?

 Phillip Lim 30% off - I knew this was coming, but the
selection is pretty small, mine had one more small rack.

 L'Oreal make-up with some items marked down to $3.50 at one of my locations.

 Nail Polishes 3.50 (reg $5)
 Maybelline Limited Edition Mascaras $2.24 (reg $4.50)
 Sally Hansen New Collection $4.61 (reg 6.59) still in display.

 Pacifica eye shadow palette $5.98 (reg $11.99)

Sonia Kashuk eye shadow palette $9.99 (reg $19.99)
Haha, ignore the ghost in the reflection, LOL.

 Sonia Kashuk organizer make-up bags $8.48 (reg $16)
I cannot say enough about these bags - keep all your essentials in one place,
grab this one bag, it makes switching handbags so much easier!
Available in 3 different sizes and with multiple slots inside. 

TJ Maxx:

 OPI Halloween mini set $5 (reg $12.99 at Ulta locations)
I just showed this set on Facebook this week and couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this today!

 My store had a huge display of nail polishes - most of them are current sets seen at Ulta.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!


  1. Now if only they had the Phillip Lim BAGS on clearance! Those are going for $$$ on ebay!

    On the Daily Express

    1. Now that would be a great find, only in dream land for us though!

  2. The Philip Lim section at the Targets near me is so tiny. If there's anything in your size by now, it's a lucky find as it is. It's too bad I haven't seen those bags anywhere!

    xoxo Jackie

    1. That's too bad, I know one of my stores had a decent amount of the collection, including a few of the sweatshirts, I never saw the bags in stores after the first day.

  3. Oh such fabulous bargains Tracy......and my fave mascara, so cheap there! xx

    1. Ya, $2 for a good mascara was pretty surprising to see and fun of course!