Sunday, October 27, 2013

Target New Limited Edition Holiday Collection is here!!

The new Target Holiday Collection of metallic and lace handbags and clutches are here a week early! Items are not yet online, but women were already grabbing some of the shiny little bags, so stop by your local store if you want to get one for yourself before they sell out.

Will you picking up anything from the holiday collection?

The rose gold clutch is so pretty - I wish the hardware had a shiny finish and not a matte brass
lock (also includes a brass chain), still cute for the price and I'm sure most people wouldn't notice.

After I posted the original Facebook pic - I notice the rose gold clutch was $19.99 and the silver was $16.99. So strange, I haven't seen seen a price difference on two identical items in a while.
 I'll be checking out another Target out of curiosity.

The "Limited Edition" tag on the new collection. 

The silver clutch's hardware is a better match.
On the right : phone case wallet with faux alligator print

 So many cool clutches,  averaging $20
The little round gold crossbody is so chic! I may go back for this one.
 The metallic pink bag is very pretty.

 Mini-bags and a nice basic crossbody bag.

 Loving all the bright wallet clutches $15
The gold print details.

More of the wallet clutches in various colors.

 The larger Merona Hanbags were very nice $32 (?)

 I seriously wish I needed a backpack because this one looked like a designer bag, love the hardware.

Impressive looking Coach style bag on the left.

 The pretty gold and sparkly scarves were also part of the collection.

 I just had to share this!!
This Limited Edition Pumpkin Cheesecake smells like the real thing (and is calorie-free, lol.)
 Large size is $10 and the small is $5.
Thanks for reading!!


  1. love the first bag, pretty color )

  2. Mmm yummy candles! Good prices too. I'll keep them in mind.


  3. The bags at Target are really nice, but I haven't seen these new ones yet. I'll have to check it out, because I can see some awesome pieces that people would NEVER think came from Target!

    xoxo Jackie

    1. I agree Jackie - if worn with some designer pieces or a similar look, nobody would guess Target!

  4. Ah, you are so right the hardware would look so much better in maybe a rose gold, but all things considered I still wouldn't mind one finding it's way into my closet right now!!

    1. I know it's just a minor complaint, but you are right, for the money, it's still a great find in that color!

  5. These bags are really cute. I like the first one in gold,it looks better

  6. I need to check this out!!!


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