Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag - Jan 2014

My new Ipsy bag arrived and for the first time, I am disappointed with the bag I received. Yes, I only paid ten dollars for everything and received about twenty dollars worth of products... but most of the samples were so tiny and nothing that I am dying to try. There were some high-end products included in some Ipster's bags, mine just wasn't one of them. That's the thing about "mystery" subscription bags, some months are amazing and others are just okay. The best part about this not-so-great bag is next month's bag is almost always better than the last one... at least that's what I am hoping for anyway!
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What did you think of this month's bag?

January Haul
Using my new $3 Mikasa plate from Homegoods
 The Ipsy Bag had a strange chemical smell to it and everyone has been complaining
on their Facebook  page. Ipsy says it is due to the unusually heavy ink used to create the picture. 
I seriously can't believe this is considered one of the 5 items, this should be a bonus item it's so tiny.
Another super small sample. I would have thought maybe just one miniature product per bag
 would be allowed, these are sample sizes you can get for free at Sephora or Nordstrom.  
 Mica Tinted Balm in 'Natural' Deluxe Size $7
This is the only redeeming item I received, but I am a bit tired of lip pots in the bag!
I won't use my finger if I am out (yuck!) and I don't carry a lipbrush,
although I would obviously have to if I took this with me. 
While I don't mind facial wipes, it's just not an exciting item to receive. 
A copper color eye-liner, not a great match for my fair skin.
Sorry to be such a negative nelly on this post, I promise it's only temporary.
Thanks for reading!!


  1. Tell it like it is girlfriend! ;) I'm soooo not looking forward to my Jan. ipsy bag anymore. I was really hopeful, being my bday month but after reading a lot of reviews, I'm sad :( My post should be up in a week or two...whenever it gets here.


    1. Ya, I hate to be negative, but I couldn't help myself this time. Sorry to ruin in for you :( Who knows, you still may be one of the few to get an awesome know, whenever it gets there, lol.

  2. I'm so intrigued by these monthly subscription services. I love reading the reviews, but I never see anything that I really "love." Is the surprise element worth it??

    xo Jackie
    Something About Thing

    1. I would say the surprise element is worth it only when the products inside the bag are good, otherwise the elation quickly becomes disappointment. At this point, I'm not sure I would recommend one right now, but every month is different for all of the sub services. I say wait.