Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Notebook: Target New Arrivals!!

I spent a long time in the clothing department at Target over the weekend. As I shopped the racks and racks of 70% off clearance clothing, I kept getting distracted by all the new arrivals and loving the black, blue and white collection (so chic and modern!). I couldn't find the new collection online yet, so if you are dying to get your hands on something or just want to check it out in person, maybe give your store a few days to put out their new inventory, since only one of my stores had everything.

What are you favorite items?

The bomber jacket is one of my favorites! 




This quilted faux leather jacket is so nice and has a nice Chanel vibe to it. 
I noticed so many new styles of denim - a great time to try out a new pair before
 they sell out of your size!
Denim leggings were everywhere and a nice alternative to jeans or leggings.
Love the gold zipper detail on the jeans.
Vests are making a comeback for spring and starting to pop up at the stores. 
Edgy faux leather detail on this moto vest.

 Work Attire: 
Love the pops of orange in this collection. 

Super soft new basic tees are perfect for work and come are available in neutrals.
A dressier collection of crop pants.
Very long sweaters in one of my favorite pale pinks. 
Merona Handbag collection.
Nice quality details on the new collection.
Target has the cutest selection of scarves.
These scarves are from Merona's previous nautical collection,
but my store finally got all of them in!
(just in time for the clothing line to be marked at 50% off,
so I'm sure these will also be on clearance soon.)
 Merona nautical collection was just marked down to 50% at my
store and has been out for only a month! 
Thanks for reading!!


  1. I'd be distracted by the new arrivals as well! There's definitely a few things I'm seeing that will most definitely need to come home with me in the next little while :)
    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. So many cute new arrivals that are on my shopping list too, hopefully there will be a sale soon :)

  2. I really like both of those bomber jackets!


    1. Both of the jackets are so cool and very 'Miranda' style! ;-)

  3. Your Target has beautiful stuff, I went to mine and nothing!

    1. Boo! I hate reading that other Target's don't get the same things, yet anyway. Give it another week and hopefully your store will receive the new arrivals too :)

  4. I really like those vests. Can't beat the price.

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