Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Target Nautical Home + Spring + Oh! Joy Collections

About two weeks ago while browsing the Target website, I came across this new nautical home collection and every shopping trip I checked to see if it arrived in store. Last night on an evening stop, there it was and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality. While not every item I found online was available in store, I'm hoping a few more items will show up on my next trip.

If I saw these items on their own, I would have guessed that Pottery Barn was behind this very chic nautical line. With simple designs and gold accents, this is how to decorate a coastal-inspired space. I didn't buy anything just yet, I had to take it all in and see what I really "need" since I'll be back at the store very soon and by soon, I mean later tonight.

Last weekend I saw the new spring collection, which is equally fabulous and chic, so I wanted to share those pictures too. A smaller collab debuted last week with blogger and pinterest favorite called Oh!Joy which showcases more upscale party items and d├ęcor in non-traditional colors.

What do you think of the new collections?

Pillows are $20
Bookends are $25
 That center pillow is just gorgeous and looks so high-end!
 These little guys have a hook on the back so you can hang, but I would display 
them on top of my designer books. 
 There was just one gold crab left on the shelf -it's only $10!
 The coral reef lamp and sailor chic lampshade 
More decorative accents and a cool side table

Spring Collection:
This collection has an Anthropologie vibe to it mixed with a modern style
 I first saw the flower vases above on All Things Target's Instagram account and
it reminded me of Anthropologie's own vase here.
 This popular bench is actually a re-issue in a brighter color last seen in
December 2012 - check out my blog post here where I featured it.
 Mirrored tables are always my favorite!

I also love a chic tray and these are $20
 The vibrant shade of green looks so fresh with the white pattern.

 Oh! Joy Collection:

The cake stand was my favorite item - love the turquoise and gold!

Shop the Collections
Thanks for reading!!


  1. I love the Nautical decor. You're so right, definitely seems pottery barn'esque, but I love that it's at Target prices ...

    1. Isn't it adorable and can't beat the price to add a few affordable and chic pieces, gotta love Target ;-)

  2. SUPER cute nautical home decor stuff! I like that a lot of it is not too literal-nautical. It looks really versatile. Great choices as always! :)
    On the Daily Express

    1. Exactly! It's not too in your face nautical, just some nice touches to add to a space :)