Sunday, September 14, 2014

Altuzarra for Target Store Pics + Review!

The latest designer collaboration for Target may be the best one yet! New York based designer Altuzarra's sexy and upscale collection is everything fashionistas on a budget were hoping to find.
Quality fabrics, embroidered details and tailored silhouettes adorn this highly sought after line.

While my third Target stop was a success, I still missed out on seeing the belts, scarves, and thigh-high boots in person, so no pictures or reviews of those items unfortunately. I only purchased the crane sweater (and that was a splurge for me since it's on the pricey side), but I'm looking forward to scooping up a few more pieces when the items hit the clearance racks and a girl's gotta be prepared to know her sizes and favorites before they go on sale...who's with me?!

Did you shop the collection - what did you think?

SHOP the entire collection Here or Click on the items below under each photo to shop
The almost fully stocked location had me swooning!
This signature piece did not disappoint. The embroidery is well constructed (albeit a bit stiff). My only complaint is that the material is rayon, so I'm not sure how well it will hold up, it's very soft and looks high-end in person. Do not size up though, this one runs big and 
I usually buy a medium, but a small fits better.
 Peasant Dress - Ruby (the lighting makes this dress look red, 
but it's a wine color like the blouse version below)// 
Both are so beautiful! I really want the shorter version of this on the left, it can be styled so many ways for fall and throughout the year. I must have this dress...on clearance anyway, Lol. Try it on to find your best fit so you will be prepared - it seems to run TTS. 
Love that you can purchase something from the collection for less than twenty dollars in one of many snakeskin prints - runs pretty true to size, if you want a more fitted top, size down. 
This is a beautiful blouse - the color, the details!
This was so cute and runs true to size - I wish this came out in the beginning of 
summer since it's not a traditional fall piece. I love that you could pair this with
 some cool tights or leggings and wear it as a longer top.   
I almost always buy the sweatshirt from the Target collars and this one is so pretty for less and priced right. I opted instead to only purchase the crane sweater, but I still want this too, I'm an addict. This runs smaller and is more fitted than the crane sweater - TTS or size up for a slouchier fit.
This was one of the dresses that had women going crazy for...until people started seeing pictures and trying it on in person. I honestly can't say how it fit, I didn't try it on. Others were stating how the fabric didn't lay correctly in the back and for seventy dollars, I didn't even bother. 
While this dress doesn't drape well on the hanger, it looks flattering on some body types, like Naomi Watts who wore it to the designer premier this week. It's also a very low and high cut style.
I almost ordered this online, but missed the "sheer" part and while I love the look of it, 
I already own so many sheer style tops. It's very feminine, maybe down the line on sale
I was probably most surprised by this dress. I liked the casual style of this - it can be dressed up or down and reminds me of a true designer look. It runs a size big (for me at least), I'm not sure how much I would actually wear such a bold print though 
This was the other crane-embroidered item - gorgeous fitted dress, 
but slightly low cut and you'll probably want to size up if ordering online.
Hellooo seventies! I think this would actually look cool on the right person (I am not that person) and a couple of younger girls I saw in it would probably rock it on a night out.
I thought these ran a bit large and had too much material to have a nice tailored fit I was expecting
The overall quality and construction are very good, but for me, the fit was
very boxy on the bottom and when I went down a size, 
I had the same problem but with tighter arms
The peplum lace back detail
This skirt is so work chic - loved that you can only catch glimpses of the print - 
a great wardrobe staple.
A great fit and perfect to wear with black for an upscale look
 I loved this shirt - it may not seem that special, but the sharp stripes with the white cuffs and collar are so chic and it would also dress up a pair of denim - I'm going back for this one. 
The bold version of the black pencil skirt, if I wore this style - I would definitely buy this. 
This skirt was selling out fast at all locations and for good reason -
Great fit and flirty style
I wasn't able to try this on because they were selling out right in front of me 
and didn't feel right taking it just to try it on knowing that I wasn't going to buy it with
so many people wanting it so badly   
This jacket has that Jersey meets Sex and the City vibe and I kinda love it - 
again, on the right person this could be fabulous
I really wish my wide feet and shaky ankles could rock these stiletto boots
Keep in mind that this collection has a 14 Day return policy - so choose wisely
I really think they could have at least given everyone 30 days, 
especially for those of us who placed online orders

*Stop by The Fashion Palate for sizing and try-on pics - she tried on so many cute things!

Thanks for reading and I'm already looking forward to the Tom's  collab in November! 


  1. Yay, I've been waiting patiently for your post ;)Love your review. And I'm crazy about the crane sweater, you need to keep yours! You know what's odd is that, my Target had only the over the knee boots left, the booties and heels were out of stock fast! And there was a TON of scarves left. I'm glad I picked up a belt since they sold out. Like you I'm looking forward to a sale, because that swiss dot ruby hill dress was amazing.


    1. Thank you, and the collection is just so good - you scored on the belt! Clearance racks here we come, Lol ;-)

  2. Wow, you got some shots of pieces I would have really wanted to grab, but like I said on Insta the other day, my store was slim pickings when I got there a bit later in the day. I didn't expect it to be crazy, because it's not a "high fashion" location...but I was wrong!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. Oh no, maybe try another location so you can at least see more of it in person! I think you would really like the boho chic dress :)

  3. Thank you Dawn - can't wait to check out your post!

  4. What a great selection! I love that orchid print sweatshirt. Just wish as always there was a target here!! Xx

  5. I bought the crane dress and I'm unsure if I'm supposed to cut it or not. The slit doesn't look right and it almost looks like it's supposed to be a pocket, but it ends in a hole. The only thing is it's stiched. Does anyone know?