Thursday, August 6, 2015

HomeGoods Store Pics of NEW Arrivals!

I was so excited to see aisles of new arrivals at HomeGoods just a few days ago. Since August is "back to school" month, there are always tons of furniture and bedding arrivals to choose from and this is the time I like to scoop up a few fresh updates for space. Here are some of my favorite finds I wanted to share with you to make your own shopping list.

What's your favorite find? 


 The cutest new collection of marquee lights - starting at $29.99 for the smallest one.

 Oliver Gal Print $49.99
I can never get enough of these fashion pics, 
this print is almost identical to this one sold for $250 at ZGallerie!

Faux Python Tray Table $59.99
I've seen this style also at ZGallerie and other high-end stores, a steal for this price!
So many ways to use this, to chic up an office, display your handbags in a large closet, 
in an entryway.

 Mirrored Nightstand / Side Table $129.99
Loved this piece and another good price for this style.

Mirrored Picture $7.99
These glam smaller fashion pics would look cute in a bathroom or add to a gallery wall

 Modern Desk $159
I saw the same desk last month at a different location and they literally put it on a floor and within 5 minutes someone snatched it up! More are popping up again, but you have to be checking almost daily to get lucky since something like this can sell for $300 and up!
  Metal Table $49.99
If you are handy with spray paint, you could easily brighten this up with gold for more shine
 since it's fairly affordable for a side table.

Bookcase $129.99
A solid bookcase and the cute details would look nice in a girly-girl's office.

 "More Issues Than Vogue'' Journal / Notebook $4.99
One of my favorite sayings!

The Adorable Inside Pages of the 'Vogue' Notebook

 Chic Calendar on a Clipboard $6.99
Never too early to get a calendar, especially when this one already started!

 Fabulous Erasers $1.99

Nothing makes me happier than seeing shelves of cute stationary!

 Storage Boxes - starting at $3.99
These would look pretty on open shelving in an office

 Leaf Trinket Dish $6.99
I'm seeing leaf dishes everywhere, but this one was a bit nicer and is glazed instead of matte,
perfect for keys or misc. to keep by the door.
 Coffee Table $199.99
This size would work well in an apartment and the cool shape add visual interest to a room.

 Party Craft Kit $14.99
Where's was this when I was planning a Bridal Shower?!!
This chic little kit has everything you need at a fraction of the cost, plus you don't have to run all over to find everything - this is genius!

Card Selection $1.99 - $2.99
Homegoods is one of my favorite places to find nice cards for less.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. I love stationary, I'm going to have to go see what's new. The cards pictured are adorable. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. I'm stationary obsessed too - have fun checking everything out!

  2. I just got two new planners from there! Love all the finds!


    1. They have the best planners - the same ones found at trendy stores but for half the price!

  3. Such CUTE finds!! LOVING that mirrored side table. Did you buy everything ;)? I will need to stop by my Homegoods and see if they have any of the things your store has. If not, I might need to Paypal you for that Hello Gorgeous marquee sign because I NEED that in my apartment!! (I am being serious too, lol)