Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shopping Notebook: HomeGoods 40+ Store Pics: New Valentines's & Home Decor!

January is one of my favorites months to shop, you get the best of both worlds, clearance deals and new arrivals! The Valentine's Day stuff was everywhere and all of it was so darn cute. The wrapping paper, cards and napkins are hard to resist, I left with only a few things, even though I could have easily filled up a cart. Here's hoping you can find some of these items at your store.

Happy Shopping!

Way too many mugs tempting me and my addiction!

 Very Kate Spade style storage boxes

THE cutest wrapping paper!

 Kate Spade style wrapping paper - hunt down the girl in the skirt on your next trip!
Matching card!
They also had a matching gift bag, but my photo didn't come out :(

 Bunny trinket dish $5.99 

  Kitchen towels $5.99 - how adorable are the martini glasses?!

 I thought these straws were Lilly Pulitzer at first glance - it's the same print!

I don't think these embossed cards could be any cuter!! $2.49 (compare to $5.99)

 I love buying cute cards to frame


 They really do have the best napkins too - perfect for guest bathrooms when hosting a party

 Eiffel Tower glasses $4.99

Made in Italy spoon rests $5.99
Similar to ones Sur la table sells for $16.99 and up

 Gold Flatware $49.99 (compare at $79+)

 Beautiful vintage style cake stands $12.99 small

 My favorite saying on a mug, all I could think of was what a pain the sticker would be to get off!
Geez, at least put the sticker on the back not covering the front, so frustrating.
 Haha, look at the bottom of the mug!

  This made me laugh!

Moroccan style wedding pillows are trending huge right now and for $19.99, 
a steal for the same look. Anthropologie and other places sell for $78 and up! 
>> Find these in the bedding area

 Beautiful flat marble cake stand $12.99
Another look for much less and gorgeous to keep on your counter.
 Magazine holder $19.99 

Metal magazine rack on the right would look very chic in a home office $29.99 (retail $59)
 Cynthia Rowley knobs $14.99

Cynthia Rowley Switch Plate $7.99
If only I had a place for this one!
 Marble base table lamp - another big home trend,
 if you didn't get one at Target, this one for only $19.99 is a good option.

Gold and pink jewelry box $24.99

 Gold magazine stand $24.99

The cutest tool box!
I saw one of these last month, but not with adorable gold polka dots

Faux wood storage boxes $9.99

The prettiest gold trash can or use for storage

I'm always searching for jewelry trays/displays, they have the best selection for the price

 I really loved the lamp on the left $34.99, although I would change out the lampshade 
for something brighter if you need more light like I do!

 Nicole Miller Lamps $69.99 (compare at $120)

  The ampersand was only $5.99, fun statement piece for just about anywhere
Gold paperweights $19.99

Affordable accessories to use on bookcases or on top of books on a tables $16.99 and up

I saw something very similar at ZGallerie a few months ago, 
this one is still pricey at $39.99, but they do retail for $80! 

 A very glam chaise lounge, Nicole Miller $349.99 (retail $500)

Faux Fur pillows $16.99 - scoop these up while you can!
Large size and super soft, add a bit of glam to your space for under $20

These are such chic + affordable side tables

 Glam ottoman $59.99

Retro chair $299.99

More affordable side tables

This was a great display of new arrivals

Faux fur ottoman $59.99
Over-priced in my opinion for such a small stool, unless it was priced wrong. 

Marble Side Tables Small $39.99 // Large $49.99
I loved these tables, a steal for this style I've seen at West Elm and even Target for much more!

The pink ottoman with lucite legs is gorgeous in person, $149

Pouffs/Ottomans $59.99

Cute Mugs $1.99

I always feel victorious when I leave without buying a's a struggle!

One of my first pineapple sightings of the seasons - yay! $12.99

Gold metal pineapple $19.99

These are so fun and you don't have to be crafty!

Impressive looking succulents, the one in front is $12.99 and looked real!

I couldn't get over the quality of their faux flowers
Prices started at $12.99 for smaller arrangements, this one was $29.99...I think ;-)

This location had clearance throughout the store, keep your eyes open for deals!
Cynthia Rowley ombre blankets $14 (orig $19.99, but retails for more)

We rarely get rain here in Los Angeles, but I went into to store right before lunch when it was sunny and walked out (hey, I wasn't there that long, LOL) around 30 minutes later and looked like it was 6pm about to storm!

Shop similar items from Target below:

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  1. If I wasn't broke, I would go broke getting half this stuff...haha I can't wait to go shopping! Lol Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Haha, I know what you mean, I only bought a few things but wanted everything, lol. I also can't wait until YOU go shopping too and I can see all of your finds ;-)

  2. I LOVE that pink ottoman with lucite legs!! *heart eyes*

    1. Isn't that the most gorgeous furniture item, ugh, wishing I had a place for it, I know you like pink as much as I do :)

  3. There were SO many good finds on that trip!!

    Something About That

    1. Thanks Jackie, the new arrivals have me excited to see more for spring!

  4. You have the best Homegoods - mine has crap in comparison. LMK if you see any other Eiffel Tower things - my niece is having a Paris themed Bat Mitzvah :)


    1. Will do, I used to come across lots of Eiffel Tower things, but not as much lately, will def keep my eyes open for you, what a cute theme, hope you post pics when it happens!