Monday, March 20, 2017

Kate Spade "Surprise" SALE - up to 75% off + KS 2017 Agenda for $14!

Happy first day of spring! Naturally, Kate Spade knows how to jump start the season with a "surprise" sale! My favorite items to order always seem to be the smaller wallets and accessories, the best way to shop if you are on a budget while still getting to add piece to your closet. I also wanted to include a few more ways to shop Kate Spade for less down below since Macy's sale was extended an extra day, yay!!

Happy Shopping!

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Wristlet $39 ($119) Love their floral print, nice early Mother's Day gift idea.

Charm Bracelet $22 ($88) Happy to see this adorable bracelet back in stock!

Sprinkles Beauty Bag $29 ($58) The little sprinkles are so darn cute.

Ice Pop Coin Purse $29 ($79) I'm a sucker for Kate Spade novelty bags, this is too cute!

5 Small Wallet $32 ($58) This is my favorite little wallet, I have two and use them in crossbody bags, on trips so I don't carry my everyday wallet and for stashing store cards or gift cards I don't use daily. *Also available in light grey, pale pink and vibrant blue

Passport Holder $25 ($58) A chic way to travel, very retro-inspired. 

Crystal Bracelet $39 ($98) I've never seen this in person, but it sure looks pretty!

Just a heads up, I would say over half of the sale items in her "surprise" sale are from the outlet. While I own a few outlet pieces, I wanted you to have all the info since you don't have the benefit of shopping the sale in person. If you prefer what some people (not me) refer to as "real" Kate Spade items, make sure to scroll down to the Macy's deets.

SHOP the Surprise SALE >> HERE

*Choose wisely, all sales are final

 Kate Spade has the cutest crossbody bags like this one HERE for $79 ($258)

Macy's has extended their big designer sale! 
If you are looking for newer Kate Spade items without the stress of "final sale", they have some really good markdowns, plus you can use code VIP to save 25% off regular price items HERE 

Nordstrom added New Kate Spade sale items online, grab this adorable agenda HERE for only $13.98! ($40), I actually have this thanks to my bestie :)

I recently spotted Kate Spade Flip Flops at Nordstrom Rack for $24.97 (retail $58)
This is one of my favorite stores to find Kate Spade for less, the best time to spot New arrivals is
usually on Friday or Saturday when they first open. 

 Assorted KS goodies $39 for the palm coin purse - $129 for the palm crossbody bag

 Both of these bags were a steal! Floral Green $89.97 // Metallic Gold $109.97

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. That popsicle bag is the cutest!!!!! Wish there was a crossbody version! And I think I'm gonna order that planner now - like right now. LOVE!

    1. I said the SAME thing to my boyfriend about the popsicle bag!!! I want a crossbody version of it too, not fair lol, I love this planner, it looks really cute on my desk :)

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