Monday, March 27, 2017

Modern by Dwell 70% off at Target! Mirror $20, Table $30 & more!

By now, most of you have seen Modern by Dwell on clearance at Target. This very modern collection of home decor and furniture has not sold well at most locations and with a huge floor of merchandise still available for a whopping 70% off, you can grab some really nice pieces if you get lucky! This deal is still only in-stores (even then, you may want to call ahead to verify the discount), while online items are still regular price, it's good to know several of the larger furniture items are getting good reviews and you really can't beat finding something still in a box for under $30!

Happy Hunting!

This is one of the few Target locations that carry the entire collection.
Even with 70% off signs, all the shoppers kept walking by without stopping to check it out...
until I started taking pics ;-) 

I knew this collection would hit 70% off after seeing 50% off just last weekend,
I wonder if they will let it go to 90% off...hmmm.

 This table reminds me so much of Ikea, a great deal for $45 ($149.99)

This store had "repackage" stickers at every single item, despite not being a "repackage".
I've never seen this large a collection with these price stickers and nobody could tell me why.

  Look at the pile of bookcases still in boxes above!

Bookcase $74.01 ($249.99)
This is the bookcase that is in all of the stacked boxes above.

 This mirror has a shelf attached to the bottom and is only $21.01!
Spot my shadow above ^^^

 Plate Set only $11.91!

 Seriously, can you believe how many side tables there are?! Now only $30.91 ($89.99)

 Chair $61.91 ($124.98) and they had boxes of these too since I'm pretty sure nobody wants the dirty floor model on this one, ignore the Oh Joy! Pillow they had on display ;-)

 Tray $9.01
Gotta love the shadows on this haha, looks like a horror film, the lighting was very dark.

Sorry, forgot to snap a pic of the price tags, these were around $6.

I loved all of these fun accessories and now that they are each around only $8, they would make 
unique house warming gifts!

Shop the Collection Online or check inventory of your local store HERE 
Scroll thru below to check out the collection:

Thanks for reading!!

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