Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Target Home Clearance 70% off Nate Berkus + Dwell New Markdowns + $25 Table!

Happy Target Clearance Shopping! When I arrived at the store, I knew I had to check out new markdowns, but had no idea I would find Nate Berkus down to 70% off! Plus, the Dwell collection that launched in late December was just reduced to 30% - 50% off items. Now is a really good time to add a few pieces to your space on the cheap, whoo-hoo!

Happy Hunting!

70% off Nate Berkus Collection!

   Pillows only $8.98!!

 Cool Lantern $10.48 ($34.99)

 Storage Bins $11.98 ($39.99)

 I can't believe this mirror set is only $11.99!! ($39.99)

 Dwell Collection for Target was a failure if you ask moi.
While I had a hard time even finding the entire collection, everything just sat on the shelves untouched. Ultimately, the items were too modern for the average shopper with prices way too high.
TIP: Wait with to purchase anything on your list until it hits 70% off, you know it will!

 That being said, this wooden whale coaster set figure is super cute!
50% off $12.48 ($24.99)
Always random when a small collection is 30% - 50% off, 
why not wait and mark it all at the same time for the same percentage.

 These are the glasses inside the box - they look pretty.

 Mirror with attached shelf $34.99 ($69.99)

Side Table $52.48 ($74.99)

This side table  is down to only $25!

 I don't think this collection was a big seller at this location: 
50% off everything already, I'm sure it'll hit 75% off soon!

 Loved the pretty string lights on clearance for $8.98

Mini Art 30% off: $5.58 ($7.99

 50% off this collection,
nice gift for a graduate!

 50% off most of the items shown, I really dislike when non-sale items are mixed in with marked clearance, although I'm sure next weekend they could be on clearance too, still annoying.
 Jewelry Holders $9.98 ($19.99)

 Misc Tray, could use for jewelry or wallet, keys, etc. $4.48 ($9.99)

 Mirrored Jewelry box $12.48 ($24.99)

 Gold Mirrored Tray $9.98 ($19.99

 This would be really cute if you are a sunglass hoarder haha ;-) Only $2.48 ($4.99)

 Jewelry Box $24.98 ($49.99

 The prettiest shower curtains 50% off: most of them were $12.48 ($24.99)

 Assorted Hardware 30% - 50% off

 Everything shown was actually 50% off  and bathmats were $12.48 ($24.99)

 Accent Table $62.98 ($89.99)

 Accent Table $55.98 ($79.99)

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Just a heads up! The Victoria Beckham Lookbook should be out any day, I'll be posting as soon as it goes up online, sooooo excited!!!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Oooh Looks like it's time for another Target run! I've been cutting down because every time I walk in the place I walk out with a cart full of stuff I don't really need LOL. Can't wait for the Beckham collection!!!