Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ikea (yes that Ikea!) Summer Finds for less than $20

Every few months I like to make a trip to Ikea to shop the new seasonal items and this time I was in search of some affordable (i.e. "cheap") summer finds, mission accomplished. I didn't have to travel to France to find $1 glassware made in France, just my local store.. and a polka dot rug for $20 has me dreaming of a walk-in closet or at least seeing spots everywhere a la Kate Spade.
Have you shopped at Ikea lately, what did you buy?

These may be the cutest $1 glasses I've seen in a while and very Kate Spade. Remember to also take a look at the pink gingham tray, so girly.
I'll be using some of the glasses to hold pens on my desk and one for my make-up brushes.

Tall Pineapple Glasses $1.49 - so adorable.

Such a cool tray, love that it matches the pineapple glasses, $7.99
 Vintage style glasses..yes, I bought these too.
 A fun and affordable way to store your stuff - on clearance for only $1.99 for set of 2
This polka dot rug (Made in Egypt) for $20 would liven up any space, especially a closet space.
This dotted rug resembles the one that JCP has to display their LULU brand (see pic here )

 One of their newest posters for $12 and I couldn't love it more.

So impressed with the new displays at Ikea, shabby chic at it's best.
I need to make another shopping trip to Ikea soon before everything is sold out.

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  1. Oh my goodness how cute is everything? Love the pear vintage glasses you got. I need to make a trip there for that polka dot rug and all those shabby chic dessert displays, and the doilie plates!! Holy shabby chic!


    1. So many fun shabby chic items to love and such affordable prices, can't wait to see what you find!

  2. I havn't been for a while, but I shall have to have a little shopping trip there.....I don't know about you, but I always come out of Ikea with a trolley load, when I only went for a picture frame!! Love this latest selection, and LOVE that poster too! xx

    1. Let's just say, I didn't "plan" on buying lots of vintage insprired glasses ;-)

  3. I saw the pineapple glasses in my ikea not the flamingos. I'm going to stop by again. However, I picked up the flamingo, pineapple cocktail napkins..

    1. I must go back for the matching napkins, they only had solid colors, of cousre I could have missed them in all my excitement for the glasses Hope yours has the flamingos!

  4. I love the flamingo glasses! The ikea shopping I want to do is patio stuff such as the patio lantern lights and candle lanterns!