Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift Guide: for the Glam Teen

This Gift Guide for the glam teen in your life includes items that can might also be found on your favorite Fashionista's list as well. I may not be a teen, but I do know I would happy to open any of these presents on Christmas morning...just call me young at heart!

Gold Polka Dot Scarf $16.99 // 7 Butter London 'Shambolic Holiday' Set $24 // 8 Fashion Tattoos $12.95 // 9 Crossbody Mini Bag $20 // 10 Crystal Bib Necklace $29.90 (special purchase price)

*Sold Out Online - Available in stores on 12/12
** Available at Anthropologie stores & Urban Outfitters (even though it islisted as "online only", I did see it at my store)

1 Sticker Book Okay, I not-so-secretly want this vintage sticker book..there I said it.
2 Eyeshadow Palette For the beauty obsessed, this is a splurge worth gifting.
3 Beret Hello, there are sequins on this one!
4 Rose gold (plated of course at this price) rings - so pretty.
5 Stamp Kit I love this idea for the creative teen (or cough, cough adult).
6 Gold polka dot scarf This is so cute and looks way more expensive than $17
7 Nail Polish Set  A bit of bling for the New Year
8 Glam Tattoos Such a fun stocking stuffer!
9 Bow Bag This may be  one of the cutest mini bags I've seen.
10 Statement Necklace This is so glam and reminds me of The Great Gatsby era.
 Bonus Gift for the Glam Teen : Pick up a copy of The Great Gatsby DVD

 F21 Tote $3.80
This would be "totes" cute to wrap some gifts for the glam girl!
 Thanks for reading!!


  1. I just love those F21 totes! I've seen several whenever I'm at checkout and just want them all. :D


  2. I'm not a teen by any stretch of the imagination...but I'd be happy with just about any of these gifts :)

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  3. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

  4. Tracy what a great collecton of possible xmas gifts. I would be happy about the urban decal palette in rose :-) also I have the first paellte and I think the colors are so similar :-)

    You are more than welcome to join my giveaway on a beautiful statement necklace :-)