Thursday, December 12, 2013

Target New Arrivals!!

Now that Christmas is less than two weeks away, I find myself at Target even more than usual..which is hard to believe. I'm surprised there isn't a parking space with my name on it at this point, I'll have to speak with the manager, LOL. Naturally, every trip I have to make a quick stop in the clothing department and this week I found so many new arrivals (I'm still waiting for handbag arrivals after seeing them online), hope you enjoy!

What are you favorite new arrivals?

This collection is still being added to the Target website - I'll add the links when available.

 I love this marbled sweater - I know it is verging on "ugly sweater"
 territory, but it's sort of cool.
Love the faux leather collar detail!

The most wanted faux-fur vests a la Carrie Bradshaw

This are cozy sweater cardigans (like a giant blanket) - perfect for this time of year.
This may not photograph well, but this fuzzy oversized sweater is just so cozy.
If I didn't have so many sweaters, I would have gone home with this one (also in cream/tan)
Lace panel sweatshirts

 Pops of neon - still trending for next year (yay!)

Quilted sweatshirts

 Jeweled sweatshirts

Quilted bomber jacket 
 This would be adorable on for a holiday party or New Year's.

 Faux Leather Dress - the length is on the shorter size, better if you are under 5'4"

I took 3 pics of this dress and my camera would not focus,
every pic is slightly blurry.
 This quilted dress was thick, I don't know how this would fit.

 The leopard print is a shirt, but it is so long.

 If I were tall enough or could rock some sky high wedges, the striped skirt would be mine.

New Merona Collection:
Every year, at the end of December/January, Nautical Collections start popping up at most
stores  and the orange/blue color palette is one of my favorites (especially worn with denim.


 This pattern looks super busy on camera, but I think paired with a solid,
it would work (and those are little sailboats!)

A few more Merona items:
 This is very J.Crew style with the embellished collar for only $22.99

 Yay for polka dots - in case you don't already own one - this is a cute option.
Some cute basics - again, loving the polka dots.

 This is Target's version of the tote

 These wallets are so cute!
Target has really stepped up their jewelry collection!
Thanks for reading!!


  1. I was there recently too (surprise surprise!) and I was gawking at the costume jewelry too! CRAZEAMAZE!
    Thanks for sharing the new styles, I plan on hunting them down when they hit clearance for sure!


    1. Ya, I know we are both at Target..a lot!! So surprised to see the jewelry upgrade, can't wait to see what else they have. Haha, great plan about buying them when they hit clearace, me too :)

  2. I just want to tell you how your very thorough journey through Target with your updates on the latest finds is truly appreciated! I love getting home and seeing all your finds! Target is really stepping up on their style especially their Merona line. I have found that I'm drawn to that brand the most - probably because it does remind me a lot of J.Crew. Thanks for your wonderful post!

  3. Thank you Eva!! That means a lot to me that you are enjoying all of my shopping adventures at Target ;-) The Merona line has really improved and like you, it also reminds me of JCrew, but at a fraction of the price, yay for us! Thanks again for reading my blog and taking the time to comment :)


  4. Wow!! I'm loving what I'm seeing! To be honest, I wasn't totally thrilled with everything I've seen there recently, but there's some pieces I definitely need to go and check out in person.

    I didn't expect new stuff until after Christmas, so this is exciting :)

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  5. Oh ya, there is def a lot to see at Target right now! Sometimes they do go through phases where you might not be loving a certain collection (which is nice break for the wallets, lol.). I get excited when new stuff comes out before Christmas too :D