Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target Collection Store Pics + Reviews!

Target's designer collaboration with Peter Pilotto finally landed in stores today after some mixed reviews on both the prints and the quality of the clothing. So far, the biggest hit items are the adorable sunnies (a perfect way to give your look a style update without breaking the bank for only $17) and the slip-on shoes for $29.99, a must-have sporty chic look for spring.

I was pretty disappointed and surprised at the lack of quality in at least half of the collection. Very thin fabric was used in the tops, I can only imagine after washing it a few times what you will be left with. I went to my usual three Target stores and my first two stores didn't even carry the accessories, which is what I really wanted to see. While I didn't get up early to be first in line, I already knew it wouldn't be busy, the full collection was still available at noon at my third and final stop.

My final review of the collection is to shop it now to see what you want down the line. Pick up some sunnies or shoes to add a pop of fun to your look if those items aren't sold out at your store. Overall, not that impressed with this one...yet I'm already looking forward to the next Target designer collaboration announcement that will likely come very soon...after all, it has to be better than this one!

While some items are sold out online, most stores are fully stocked.
Check out the list of stores to buy the items here or shop the collection online here.

I want to hear your reviews and comments - what did you think? 

My first stop and not a fashionista in site! 
 The sweatshirt was one of the biggest letdowns for $29.99
I know it is just a sweatshirt, but it is also one of the items I usually grab when 
the Target collabs arrive and the material on this one was not my favorite, not soft at all.
(update: Franci at The The Fashion Palate said the inside was very soft, so yay for that!) 
The yellow and blue pop of prints.
 The first of the yellow/blue prints - frilly dress $39.99
 This is the one top I really want. It looks so versatile, you could pair it with jeans or black pants, pretty much anything and add a pop of color to your outfit for $29.99
 Long Sleeve tee for $19.99
Super thin material.
Tank Top for $24.99 semed to run a bit large. 
The dress on the left was so pretty and looked true to size.  
 Top $24.99 and Shirt Dress $34.99
The dress would look cute with some tights or leggings and just worn as a longer shirt. 
 The first cardigan appearance and the body con-esque
dress for $29.99 (very thin material) and the wrap skirt. 
 So frilly and girlie $39.99
The wrap skirt in red pattern. 
 Yay! I finally found the accessories on my last stop.
 Cute slip-on shoes 
 Little plastic pouch bags were super cute for $22.99  if you wanted something from the collection and the sunnies were sold out at your location. 
  The star of the show - the $16.99 mod sunglasses. 
 I wanted to show you the sunnies and the cool beach towel together, so here's my quick display ;-)
 I love a good cardigan and the mesh sleeves give this a unique style. 
I'll pass on this one for $34.99, but I may take it home with me when I find it on sale. 
 The first of the two similar looking $70 dresses.
 I like the style of this one better, but it's simply too busy for my taste. 
 Beach items were cute, they just weren't flying off the shelves.
Loved the printed beach towels, but no way would I pay $40 for the larger tote. 
I can find better quality Mossimo bags across the aisle. 
 Whoa, avert your eyes because this was one bright and loud dress and on the pricier 
side of the items at a whopping $70. Not even some fashion-savvy 
girls at my store were grabbing these. Major markdowns expected on this item. 
 The cap sleeve tee on the left was one of the cheapest, err...least expensive clothing items and the fabric was so cheap! The sweatshirt material crop top was not a big seller at any of my 3 locations.
 I really liked this skirt, it covers the knees and looks to be a flattering cut, I'll 
keep my eye out for it on clearance (it's $34.99) since it can be worn with 
cute flip flops in the warmer months or some tights and heels. 
 I loved this moto jacket! The colors are so pretty for spring and the 
thicker pique material makes this one of the quality pieces. If this 
makes it to the sale racks, I'll definitely pick this up. Runs true to size.   
The matching shorts. On the right person, I'm sure these would look super cute, 
but I am not that person. Didn't try them on, but they appear very wide on the bottom half.
My attempt at trying things very sleepy.
The sunnies are just so darn cute and fun!
I felt like I was in a "Where's Waldo?" picture with so many prints.

Stayed up late to order the sunnies around 12:30am, not too bad.

Be sure to check out Franci playing dress up with sizing reviews over at The Fashion Palate!
Thanks for reading and until next time!


  1. Great review! We would be agreeing on everything if went shopping together! I wanted to try the crop sweater shirt on but I didn't see it at the two Targets I went too. Also, I don't think those shorts flatter anyone! I have yet to see Beyonce in them! I loved your quick display, I was so happy I ended up getting those blk/wht sunnies. They are super unique and cool. You looked too cute. OK, blah blah! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Ya, we would just nod our head in total agreement! You are someone that could wear the crop sweatshirt, maybe track one down on clearance ;-) Really happy you were able to get a pair of those adorable sunnies and the cute top and okay...blah, blah, blah and a LOL.

  2. WoW Tracy - Thank you so much for providing this very thorough update! I was curious to see what the feedback would be on the line and I guess I'm not so surprised about the poor quality of clothing. I think the only thing that caught my eye were the shoes.

    1. You are so welcome Eva, happy to help! The shoes are just adorable and you can wear them so much longer (hopefully, Lol.) than the clothing :)

  3. The accessories were fun in this collection - not for the print shy! I think the sweatshirt, sneakers, and dresses were the most popular in my area. As for the dresses, my store lacked many of them, but I loved the tops I tried on and felt the fit was decent on the items I reviewed on my blog. There's still plenty on the racks in my area, as the demand was lower than Phillip Lim. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


    1. I'm with you, the accessories were my favorite too! You looked great in everything Melissa and yes, definitely a much lower demand than Phillip Lim.

  4. I was really looking forward to reading your blog today, since I expected that you would have this review on the collection. I wasn't looking forward to this, which is why I didn't go into the store. I just feel like it's a bit "much" and the quality just doesn't look that great. I do love the sunnies on you, but wouldn't go to a store just for those.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. Glad you were looking forward to my review (thank you!), and with so many cute things everywhere, I wouldn't rush out to shop the collection if it's not your favorite, plus you can always scoop up something very soon when it hits the clearance racks ;-)

  5. Your target is organised so well! Mine was in a total mess as usual and no one seemed to care. Not very excited with this collection. Was expecting much more.