Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What I'm Loving Now: Hint of Mint

One of my favorite colors every spring is mint and for those of you in the minty-fresh fashion club, it's sporting a fresh new look paired with a darker hue or denim. The color is also the perfect shade to transition your winter wardrobe into the new season. It's no surprise that many of my favorites are from Target, their shoe collection in the last two weeks has been amazing and don't be afraid to rock some loafers, a chic staple in the Michael Kors brand.

What are you loving right now?

1.Merona Flat $19.99 ($24.99) // 2 Target Sunnies $5.94 // 3 H&M Jumpsuit $19.95 //
 4 Essie Spring 2014 $8.50 // 5 Ambar Lace Tee* $15.29 //  6 F21 Necklace $11.80 //
 7 H&M Short Blouse $29.95 // 8 H&M Skinny Low Jeans $9.95 //
Gap Leather Clutch** $24 ($39.95) // 10 BP Leaf Scarf $18//
11 Sam & Libby for Target $33.94 ($39.99) // 12 Merona Dress $27.99

*This is from Target's New "Ambar" Collection and I will be sharing some in-store pictures this week and can't wait to hear what you think of this bold new line!

** 40% Discount applied using code DEAL4U

H&M Shop the New Icon Collection here
These two items are part of the New Icon Collection, I can't wait to visit the store this week in hopes of seeing everything in person. This cool jumpsuit (and striped top below) caught my eye but wasn't being prominently displayed at my store, so I had no idea it was part of a "collection".
Normally, I wouldn't be excited about a jumpsuit, but this one is a steal
for only $20 and great way to have fun with a trend!
This is the perfect way (and the perfect style) to wear this season's crop top.
It's a longer, chic version for those of us not in our twenties.
Thanks for reading!!


  1. Mint (and light pink) are the two shades I've been seeking already for spring.

    That chambray dress from Target looks like a cute transition piece.

    xo jackie
    Something About That

    1. I love all the pastels right now. It's a cute denim dress and it looks more like a piece from the Gap, perfect to wear now and later.

  2. I love the denim dress and the metallic heels.


    1. Target has the best stuff (again) and I'm sure that denim dress won't last long and the metallic heels are like the ones I bought in leopard, so now the metallics are on my list too.

  3. Ooh, I want to see more of the Ambar line. It looks like it has really cute stuff. Can't wait to see your in store pics! -Gina
    On the Daily Express